5 Video Games Our Essay Writers Recommend to Every Student

Students in the United Kingdom have very little time to entertain hobbies or fun activities. Most are too busy spending their time studying and learning. After all, they have a lot on their plates, such as classes and lectures, essays and dissertations, and even complex assignments. So, when our essay writers say, “we’re going to talk about and recommend video games to students”, it probably sounds crazy. But that’s exactly what we’re doing today!

We know it seems ridiculous. But sometimes, taking a break from your work to enjoy yourself is a good idea—especially if the fun activities improve your cognitive abilities and help you do better at your studies. But how can playing games boost your skills? Let’s explain before we move on.

Why Do Essay Writers Recommend Video Games to Students?

Gaming is an old hobby. It’s been around since the 80s. And since then, we’ve seen people say it’s a bad hobby. The media has said it’s bad for students. And most people will probably recall someone in their life, either a parent or an elder, telling them, “Video games are not good for you! Stop playing them!”

But what if we said that’s not true? What if video games are not bad for you?

According to a recent look by Oxford University, video games are good for you. They help your mental health. Another research states that video games have cognitive benefits too! At least, if you’re playing the right kind of games. That’s why we think more students should take the time to explore gaming. After all, anything that boosts your mental health and cognitive abilities is worth investing time in.

So, what games should students play? There are so many. Is it better to play first-person shooters? Perhaps puzzle games? Maybe RPGs? Let’s find out.

5 Video Games to Play – by Essay Writers

There are many games available for students to download and play. But these are the best our essay writers recommend:

1. XCOM Enemy Unknown – Strategy

What better way to boost your cognitive abilities than with a game that’s all about using your grey matter? That’s why we recommend playing XCOM. But what is it about?

XCOM is a science fiction strategy game where you control humans fighting aliens. And how does it help you boost your cognitive skills? That’s simple. It’s a strategy game that involves a lot of thinking and planning. Therefore, players have to take turns and analyse their moves before they act using a turn-based system. In addition, it also has a heavy focus on managing your teammates and planning combat missions.

So, in this game, students have to assess situations, strategise, and focus. Thus, helping them develop their core cognitive skills.

2. Call of Duty: Vanguard – First Person Shooter

Number two on our list is Call of Duty: Vanguard. Of course, I’m sure you did not expect a first-person shooter to make our list. But all that fast-moving action is just what your brain needs to stay sharp! Thankfully, Call of Duty: Vanguard is also a game set in World War II. So, you can also learn about the historical significance of the conflict while you play.

The gameplay is first-person, which means you take control from the character’s perspective. Basically, you see what they see. As a result, you get the full boots-on-the-ground war experience. But that also means you need to think and act fast on the go. That results in students training their brains to respond quickly.

3. Portal 2 – Puzzle

Like the previous title, Portal 2 is a first-person game. However, it isn’t a fast shooter. Instead, it’s a puzzle game! So, there’s no combat or action. Players have to solve puzzles using, as the name suggests, portals. And that’s what makes the game so fun. These puzzles can rely on the physics systems in place. As a result, players have to think outside the box creatively to solve them.

Puzzle games are great for your brain. They help you develop solutions to complex problems. And those cognitive benefits transfer into how you work. So, our essay writers recommend picking up the game.

4. Minecraft – Building, Survival

Minecraft is a very unusual game. On the outside, it seems like a kid’s game. But on the inside, it’s very complex.

The game is both a survival and building sandbox game. And players can choose to play either. But there isn’t any objective. You’re dropped into the world, and you’re free to go anywhere and do anything. Most players play the game to build structures in the creative sandbox. And you can find countless build videos on YouTube of them showing off their designs.

Our essay writers recommend this mode because it lets students create what they want. Thus, stimulating your creative brain to think outside the box.

5. Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 – Simulation

The last game on our list is a simulation game called Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020. Perhaps you’ve heard about the long-running series before? It has been around for decades.

The game, as the title suggests, is all about flying planes. But where this game sets itself apart is its emphasis on the simulation aspect. This is because Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 is a very in-depth game that accurately delivers a real-life flight experience. Therefore, our essay writers think you should try it. After all, managing a plane is a complex task! And it can teach students the true meaning of focus, especially if you have to pay attention to everything about your plane. So, definitely check it out.


That covers the five games our essay writers recommend to students. And we hope you found them interesting. After all, they can help you build up your cognitive abilities. But gaming is only one way to improve your academic performance. So, check out other interesting ways to improve your grades while you’re here. Just remember to keep an open mind. And always be ready to move forward.

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