7 Cheap Colleges in Canada for International Students 2022

Today we’re going to talk about the most affordable colleges in canada as many of you may know studying in Canada is not that cheap it costs around 15 to 18 thousand dollars canadian dollars per year to study in a college in Canada university costs 25 and up for just one year of studies do my essay in UK we’re talking about international students only because you may know that locals pay less so if you’re interested in studying Canada and saving money then keep on watching yes sheldon keep watching so i picked a two-year program diploma program in business administration so all these programs in all of this college is going to be business administration for two years i picked seven colleges that are the most affordable the least expensive so you can actually go and study in canada if you’re on a budget very nice so the first college is called nbcc.

So it’s a new brunswick community college it’s located in moncton but they also have some campuses around the province what you need to get in business administration program in that college secondary school diploma or high school diploma and an english exam some of the colleges accept both adults and do lingos some of them don’t so pay attention to that the first year of studies in nbcc cost around 12 000 this second year costs around 11 000 so the total for two years is going to be 24 000 again studied in canada in college let’s say in toronto costs around 18 000 plus you also pay for your housing for expenses food entertainment stuff like that we’re talking about tuition only so i find that 24 000 for two years it’s pretty good it’s like 12 000 a year which is lower than the average which allows you to save some money this could save us a lot of money so what do you need to get into this program again secondary school diploma ielts 6.0 no band less than 5.5 and if you want to pass the duolingo test.

It’s going to be 100 out of 160 which is not that bad actually all right if you don’t want to study in new brunswick you can also go to alberta alberta has a college named madison hat and it has nothing to do with medicine because it’s just the name of the city so the college is located in madison hat alberta and it’s called madison head college that sounds right one year of studies in madison head college costs around ten and a half thousand canadian dollars so the total for two years is going to be around 22 000 which is not bad again this college however asks for ielts 6.0 no band less than 6.0 i’ve never seen something like that because normally a college will ask for 6.0 and no band less than 5.5 but this college was like 6.0 6.0 so you got to do what you got to do the next college is located in the most beautiful city on the east coast of canada charlottetown pi prince edward island and i’m talking about holland college prince of wales.

So they also offer a two-year business administration program and it cost around 10 grand per year to study in this college so the total for two years gonna be around twenty twenty two thousand dollars again this college asked for your high school diploma and also they asking for a 6.5 no band less than 6.0 that’s a bit higher level but they also take the duolingo test and they ask for 105 out of 160 which is again not that bad could be worse like some colleges ask for 115 105 is a very low score i would say very low basically the next college is located in british columbia for those of you who doesn’t like winter cold weather stuff like that there is a college in a city called dawson creek and the college is called northern lights college the tuition fees for one year are nine thousand nine sixty dollars this is so cool i mean less than 10k for one year of studies you will not find anything like that in toronto or gta this college also asks for ielts 6.0 no band less than 5.5 they do not accept the duolingo test.

So pay attention to these requirements when you choose in between aisles toefl duolingo some of the colleges just simply don’t take them so you know i would seriously think twice so we have three colleges left and on the third place we have a college located in the atlantic provinces again the college is located in saint john’s newfoundland and labrador and it’s called college of northern atlantic when you pay less than 10k for your studies you have to expect that it’s going to be a small city like a village maybe somewhere outside of the popular areas like big cities like toronto gta all that kind of stuff it’s going to be far this is an important thing to consider when you’re trying to choose your college or like where you want to study et cetera true story so college of north atlantic asks for ielts 6.0 again no then less than 5.5 they don’t take the duolingo test and the tuition fees are 8250 a year wow just wow so the total for two years gonna be around like 17 18 000. this is crazy because in toronto you pay 18k for one year here you can finish a two-year program for that amount of money.

This is insane when i was doing my research i was like why did i spend so much money on studying in ottawa if i could just go to like atlantic provinces why did you do that on the second place we have a college that is actually located in a big city in montreal canada the college is called canada college but the thing is the college has only three programs like just three one of them is business administration the college is new they grow in they they will have more programs eventually but for now they offer just three programs but the tuition fees are so low again 8 000 250 per year which makes the total 17 000 for two years this is crazy if you want to live in a big city and also go to a college that doesn’t cost a fortune this is your perfect i guess solution magnifique candy college is also asking for ielts 6.0 no less than 5.5 no duolingo here that campus is actually located downtown montreal so you can be in the city compared to all the colleges that were before they were all somewhere like far from big cities here the college is literally downtown montreal so you can see the city study in the city and you won’t have to spend like hours going somewhere for like i don’t know for a party or like whatsoever that sounds amazing and on the first place we have a college located in montreal as well wow the cheapest college is in montreal and it’s called hersing college one year of studying in herzon college costs around 8k so the total will be 16 17 000 for two years what did you just say cool very cool very affordable it is literally twice cheaper than studying in toronto ottawa vancouver this is perfect if you want to save money on your studies but you still want to go to canada you can go to one of these colleges and then study cheaper person college asks for aisles 6.5 with no band less than 6.0 and the best part they offer an internship this is crazy you go to school you pay 16 000 for two years of studying and you also get an internship so you can go and work get the experience so you can get a job after finishing this program this is crazy this is amazing i mean i don’t even know what should i say here oh this is the best so this were the most affordable colleges in canada if you’re planning to come to canada and study here hope that was helpful.

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