7 Steps To Get Reliable Movers

Moving is not an easy task. When you find a reliable moving company, it eases the process. Are you wondering how to do that? It is not complicated, but you would need time and patience. Choose the best Boston moving company. Here is a breakdown guide on finding the right moving company for your next move. 

Step 1: Ask your Neighbors

The best thing is to get a real recommendation from neighbors. If you have a neighbor who moved in recently, you may get information about their movers. Ask whether they were good and if they had any complaints. 

It would be unwise to just go with the first movers, you got to know. Get more than 1 recommendation and ask your friends and family members too. You can know for sure when you hear about the same movers from more than one family. 

Step 2: Know your Movers 

After getting the testimonials, perform your research. Go to their website and read about their packages, prices, and other details. Important is to confirm their authenticity. You can do that by authenticating their contact details. 

For example, make a trip to their address and know if they exist at the stated address. Also, you would like to go to their “Terms & Conditions” and take a look at their certificates and license. Every moving company must obtain a license to operate in Boston. It is different for each state. Also, some companies get special recognition from the NAOPM (National Association of Professional Movers). 

Step 3: Cover The Loopholes

Other things to cover are the loopholes and hidden prices. Several prices might not be revealed in the quote, like “long carry fees” or “hoisting fees”. You would know this only after you have moved. 

It would be a good idea to ask them about the hidden costs if you don’t find them mentioned in their prices or on the terms and conditions page. There could also be loopholes in their insurance. Read the details related to insurance carefully before opting for it. Also, make sure you know the validity. 

Step 4: Put in Your Details

Once you are sure about the company, it is time to type in your details. They would start with the dates to move, the destination, and the original place. That would help them to decide whether they are available for those dates and the mentioned places. 

After that, they would ask you detailed questions about the stuff to move. Typically, they would ask for a list. Along with that, the company would also need details if you say yes to moving insurance. 

Step 5: Choose a Package

After you have given all the details, the next step would be to choose a package. There are different packages based on the moving company and the services you need. You could choose just to move, or you could also ask for packing help. Many packages are available and naturally, the prices are different. When you add more services, the price of the move would also increase. 

Step 6: Ask For a Quote

Finally, after you have put in all the details, and chosen a package, the company would receive all your information. You press on “Get a Quote” when you send in the details. The movers take into consideration all the factors and send you a quote via email. 

If you want, you can get it via post. The quote you receive is a breakdown of all the prices. They usually keep out the extra costs to make it an attractive price. 

Step 7: Accept or Modify

If you are happy with the quote, you can simply continue and pay. Make sure you ask about other extra costs that might be added later. It would be helpful if you know the parking and the stair situation in your new apartment. 

Also, the presence or absence of a lift can modify the moving cost. If you are not happy with the quote, you can ask them to reconsider or simply decline the quote. Payment can be done easily through credit cards. Some companies allow other online payment methods too. 

How To Get Insurance?

Most packers and movers offer different types of insurance for damages or stolen goods. The insurance will depend on the things being insured, the distance of the move, and various other factors. You would have to pay extra for the amount for the move. Following are the types of insurance available:

  • Full value protection
  • Released value protection
  • Separate liability coverage


That is how to move with a reliable moving company. Your trust is crucial since they handle many of your priced possessions. Most packers and movers won’t move expensive jewelry and art pieces. 

However, every piece of furniture is a part of your home. They will convert your new house into a home. You won’t like it when some part of your home is missing or damaged. Getting a trustworthy company by your side.

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