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8 reasons why your family ma`y need family counseling

Family counseling is a type of therapy that focuses on the emotional, behavioral, and psychological issues that a family might be facing. Here it is important to note the fluid definition of family; you do not necessarily need to have blood ties to be considered a family.

The definition of a family unit varies per difficult culture. For example, in Dubai, a family might signal a nuclear unit, joint family set-ups, in-laws, etc.

Regardless of your definition of a family, the issues that affect relationships are similar across all cultures. Since family forms an important part of people’s well-being, therefore, working on the conflicts that the family might be facing by getting family therapy is important.

8 reasons why your family may need family counseling

Common reasons why families may need family counseling include:

Changes to the family

Change of any sort is hard for people to assimilate, and when it is to a family unit, it comes harder still. Marriage is a common phenomenon that leads to changes in the family dynamic.

It is more challenging when marriage leads to a blended family, which is when two different families decide to become one through the formation of a new relationship. An example of a blended family is when two people with children from their previous marriages get married.

There are very many sources of conflict in blended families, and a family counselor can help people navigate these changes in a healthier fashion.

Dealing with the loss of a loved one

Grief is extremely disruptive to relationships, especially if it is to do with a loss of a family member. Getting family therapy when dealing with a loss can help each member channel their emotions more productively, whilst feeling supported during this tough time.

Getting divorced

Divorce can create a big rift in families. If your family is undergoing a divorce or separation, a family counselor can help keep things civil, ensure each member is heard, and make the process as amicable as possible.

Going through transitions

Another reason for the need for family counseling is when undergoing major life transitions. These disruptions can include financial problems, moving jobs, relocating to a new place, etc.

When you are forced to leave your safe spot, there can arise a lot of conflict and negative emotions. A family counselor can help the family in processing these emotions better.

Communication issues

Healthy communication is important in any relationship. So, if your family is facing communication problems, it may be time to consult a family counselor to understand why this issue exists, and how to remedy it.

Facing substance abuse

Addiction and substance abuse also are important reasons for getting family counseling. Addiction affects not just the addict, but the entire family is jolted, so, healing also should be targeted at all stakeholders.

Teenager problems

Teenage is a daunting time; hormones are all over the place, self-confidence is low, and people are brutal. A family counselor can help teenagers and their families process this time better, so all emerge from this experience healed and healthy.

Undergoing mental health issues

Mental health disorders and problems like depression can also call for a visit to the family therapist (e.g. Fitcy Health). Having a healthy home environment is important not just for the patient, but all the members as well.

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