An Overview Of The Canada Visa From The UAE

If you are searching for job opportunities, then Canada happens to be an obvious choice. It is the dream destination for millions of candidates from all over the world. Settling down abroad is the dream of the millions of people, but the choice of the right destination is important. You need to be aware of the requirements for a skilled worker visa in Canada as this will provide you with the best pathway. Obtaining a Canada visa from the UAE requires some basic documentation along with formalities.

It is suggested that you seek help from immigration consultants. Depending upon the type of work, a visa is allocated. Normally, people prefer to visit the Canada on a work visa. The best part about the immigration consultants is that they are aware of the formalities and procedures that provide you with an end-to-end solution when it comes to work permits. Since there are many types of visa, you need to be assured that you will choose the right one. To understand the various work visa types, let us understand the following.

  • The various types of the Canadian work permits: The work permit in Canada is divided into two categories: employee specific and open work permits. With the latter, you are able to work in Canada. This means that your spouse or someone is working in Canada. When it comes to an employee specific permit, the candidate has to comply with some of basic conditions like the name of the employee, the duration of the job, and the location.
  • Before you can get a work visa, you must show the application letter from the Canadian employee. The process takes around 24 hours to complete. For employing foreign candidates, the employees of Canada have to seek approval from the labour market impact assessment. If there is no permission from LMIA, the foreign candidates would not be able to obtain a work visa. So the candidates need to comply with the requirements in the form of an employment offer and a number assigned to LMIA.
  • The process of work permit: So as to apply for a Canada visa from the UAE, the employee first and foremost needs to seek out approval from the labour market impact assessment. They are going to ascertain whether there is a need for foreign candidates or not. The moment approval is given, the employees are given a temporary job offer, which comes along with the LMIA number. The job title includes the title of the job, commencement data, a description, and the time of the job. The job position requirements, which include salaries and duties, along with the exact address of the working place, Now the candidate will be the able to obtain a work permit visa by completing a set of basic formalities.

Most immigration consultants are aware of the requirements for skilled worker visas in Canada. They are going to provide information about the Canada permit visa from the UAE. On the internet you can come across numerous consultants.

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