Best Editors Ahead of Newsroom Cuts to escape BuzzFeed bulletin

Mark Schoofs, who is known as the site’s editor in the head, is among the departures. The chief executive expressed BuzzFeed News would need to; “prioritize the places of scope with the most audience connects.”

The head of BuzzFeed News and; ahead of cuts to the newsroom two other top editors are departing the company.

Mark Schoofs, in 2020, who became the editor in chief, conveyed in a staff email that he would be stepping down on Tuesday. He also stated Tom Namako, the executive editor of investigations and the deputy editor in chief, and Ariel Kaminer would also leave the company. Mr. Namako stated that he was joining; NBC Digital as executive editor on Twitter.

Mr. Schoofs stated that BuzzFeed had subsidized the news division for many years in the email and that the “next phase” for BuzzFeed News in its own right was to reach profitability.

He stated that will require BuzzFeed News to achieve this through voluntary buyouts,” counting that the company hoped to once again shrink in size rather than layoffs. He displayed the buyouts would; be available, science, politics, and inequality desks to those on the investigations.

Samantha Henig, who is known as; BuzzFeed News’s executive editor of strategy Mr. Schoofs added for his successor is underway, will act as the interim editor in chief; while a search.

Jonah Peretti, who is BuzzFeed’s chief executive, stated in a separate email to the staff that BuzzFeed News would need to on Tuesday prioritize the areas of coverage with the most to our audience connects. More details

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