Betting on Cricket- Top Tips

Cricket has come a long way from being played with a tennis ball and a wooden stick to the current sophisticated yet fun version of it. It is very common to see the youth of today playing cricket and these numbers will only increase. Children of this era are engrossed in cricket right from their childhood, playing gully or street cricket even when they don’t have a field to play. Football is versatile to a certain extent since you only need a football however cricket requires some space since the batsman would try to smash the ball as far as they can. Even with such overpopulation and lack of space in our country, the new generation still wants to play cricket even if they have no chance to make a career out of it, it plays for the sole satisfaction or pure joy that comes out of it.

Such love for cricket can be seen in the various movies that we as kids remember as kids from our childhood such as “Chain kuli ki main kuli” which made an impact on our lives. From when we were kids, we saw the craze and hype of cricket and we eventually grew to love the sport. In India, the craze for cricket started way back in the world cup of 2011 when India won it after a drought of 28 years. Cricket isn’t just a sport but an emotion for Indians now. 

As happens with any sport, as its reach increases people start betting on it and cricket wasn’t any different. However, the thing about betting is that it never guarantees you a win, doesn’t matter if you’re a veteran or a complete novice, being a veteran could increase your chances but it never makes your chances 100%. The stronger team doesn’t need to win and the same goes for the weaker team to lose. No team is guaranteed victory and this is a dynamic sport. 

History could either repeat itself or choose to appear later, it is never compulsory for anything to happen, for example, Virat could be in bad form, AB De Villiers could fail to finish off a game, Bumrah could miss a Yorker, etc. No match can be predicted at any time. In the recently concluded World Cup, no one could have predicted the entry of Pakistan in the finals since at a point when they lost to the underdogs, Zimbabwe it seemed that their chances of qualification were close to zero. In the end, they qualified and went to the finals. The same could be said for South Africa’s exit from the tournament after their loss to the Irish. 

Imagine the shock on the faces of the ones who bet on Pakistan winning the match against Zimbabwe but fell short by a single run. It must be tough to imagine their frustration.

However, let’s have a look at some tips which could change your betting game change for the better. just create the best online cricket id and duly note that tips can only help you make a more well-informed decision but they can never assure a win since anything can happen during a game. 

  1. Be safe: There are a lot of fraudulent bookies who are waiting to exploit newbies on the market. Since betting has been on the rise in recent years, there would be a rise in the new players too so they wait for the opportunity to prey upon the new fans. The new fans, who are novices may not know about everything and tend to trust the ones who are more experienced than they are and this is where they get exploited. Beginners should only play on trusted sites that have been recommended by someone they trust.
  1. Never bet on a team just because they are your favorites: Letting your emotions dictate your actions could be one of the worst things to do in your betting career. Always look at the cold hard figures which do not lie. Your favorite team won’t win just because you have bet money on them. Bringing your emotions to the same table where money is sitting is not a smart or wise plan.
  1. Stop when you’re in a loss: Some hot-blooded betters will try to bet more money when they lose so that they can recover from that loss however it rarely happens. The opposite happens at times, players lose again and they fall into a debt trap. Then they try to escape from it again by putting in more money and the chances of recovery here are close 0 and they fall into this trap even deeper. It’s like getting stuck in a net but the harder you struggle to free yourself, you get more entangled in it. Stopping when you can see that it is leading you nowhere is the best practice to follow. Being realistic is extremely important in betting.
  1. Quit when you’re ahead: One of the trademarks of a good gambler is to know when to stop, it’s either when you are in a really bad spot or it is when you’re in a good spot. Both of these are extremely important points to note and every gambler should know these well before they try their hand at betting. Betting even after you have won a lot might get you into addiction and make you think that you can win it all, however, it is an illusion that has been created in your mind to try to get as much as you can out of that little bit of luck.
  1. Do your research: It is best to make a well-researched decision than to make one in a hurry or haste. A decision that has some amount of research behind it will have more chances of being true rather than one made in absolute haste or without any thought at all. Although a decision with research behind it could be wrong it has more chances of being right than the ones without any amount of research behind it.

Conclusion: In betting, you can never be 100% right and it’s all to win. However, remember to set limits and control yourself since betting is addictive.

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