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Top 10 Content Writing Tips for Beginners

Writing is a skill that develops over time. Today, everyone needs content to create a buzz in the market. From non-digital platforms to digital platforms, everyone is creating content, some are writing it by themselves, and some are hiring content writers to write appreciatable content. 

But the question is how to write content? So, here are the tips for beginners on how they can create content and become content writers. Content Writers are in-demand; almost every company and organization is hiring content writers to update their content with effective words. 

Along with these tips, you can also join a good content writing institute such as The Thought Tree. They provide personal mentorship to their students. 

10 Content Writing Tips for Beginners

The primary goal of any writer, marketer, advertiser, or business owner is to capture the audience’s interest. The majority of the audience spends only 15 seconds on the page. So, you have only 15 seconds to acquire your audience’s attention. It is quite challenging, but good content can draw anyone’s attention to the page. 

1. Know Your Audience

Before you start writing, you have to understand who will read the content. It is important to know your target audience and make sure you can create good content for them to pay attention to the articles, blogs, and other write-ups.

2. Know What you Want to Write

Next, you can do is to decide the topic you are interested in and want to write about. Choose the topic and start searching with 

– Keywords, 

– write a suitable Heading, and 

– create an Outline of an article. 

3. Make your Content Easy to Read

Try to write simple, short, crisp, and clear sentences, easily readable by the audience. Power writing is important when creating content.

Less Words, More Power,

– Do not overstuff your content with words,

– Remove adverbs (very, absolutely, definitely, suddenly) 

4. DON’T Plagiarize

People usually try to copy others’ content and try to be original while creating content. Plagiarism is not acceptable and illegal; maybe you can get yourself in trouble, so don’t Plagiarize.

5. Maintain Content Consistency

The next tip is to be consistent from the beginning to the end of the writing procedure. 

Tone: the tone of the content should be appropriate.

Visual: Use the same font & size, length of paragraph (5 – 7 lines), and sentences should be crisp & clear to the audience.

Language: Stuck with the same tenses throughout the content, punctuation and grammar of the content should be correct. 

6. Word Count Matters

The content should be longer to get access to the top result pages. Try to write in the range (of 1000-1500 words); it will be easy to get an idea to write nice content. Don’t worry; you can write the articles in 500 words, and gradually you will exceed your word limit.

7. Proofread your Content

After writing your content, edit it as many times as you can. Read it aloud, and correct the punctuations and grammatical mistakes, if any. Proofreading can help maintain the consistency of your content; the audience can easily read it and understand your point. 

8. Use Tools

Don’t hesitate to use the tools for reviewing your content. There is a bulk of free tools available on the internet to proofread your content and make it perfect. Before publishing your content, always proofread it by yourself and then with the help of any tool. You can use Hemingway, Gingersoft, Grammarly, and many more are available on the internet. 

9. Do More Formatting 

All of us like to read a clean listicle and bulleted form of content. Try to give paragraph breaks to make it interesting for your audience. Use line & Paragraph spacing, bullet list, and appropriate alignment.

10. Develop your Writing Style

Develop a style that’s unique to you. It’ll develop over the time you write. The more you write, it will be improved, and you will find what’s your writing style. There are 4 major types of writing styles:-

Descriptive: fiction, poetry.

Narrative: news story.

Expository: recipes, manuals, instruction.

Persuasive: Brochures, Sales & promotion. 


These were the 10 content writing tips that can improve your content and writing skills. Try to practice more writing and go through all the points listed above. Remember, writing is a long-term investment. You can’t achieve everything in one go. 

In writing, there is nothing like perfection. You will find that you’ve improved a lot in your writing style over time.

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