Creative Marrakech

In Creative Marrakech, you’ll have the chance to learn traditional Moroccan crafts, from pottery to carpet weaving. You’ll also get to meet local artists and artisans, and enjoy short-term workshops. In some cases, you may even find yourself changing your career path! Here are nine creative ideas to inspire your trip. Make it an adventure. What are your favorite creative activities? Read on to discover your own creative passions and plan a memorable trip to the city.

If you love to wander the souks, Marrakech is the city for you. Its market areas are open to the public, and you can see artists at work in nearly every section of the souk. Some will even let you try their art. Make sure you have a few coins handy! If you like what you see, consider purchasing items from local artisans! They’ll be happy to help you. And while you’re there, remember that you can also spend the night exploring the rooftops.

Marrakech is renowned for its art scene. Besides traditional artists and crafts, Marrakech also welcomes contemporary artists from around the world. In fact, some international artists have stayed in Marrakech, making it the perfect place for their creative endeavors. There’s no shortage of art galleries in Marrakech – the city’s renowned Voice Gallery and David Bloch Gallery have all been hailed as a must-see.

Moreover, the city’s craftspeople are working with global designers to reinvent traditional designs, products and services. These brands have embraced new concepts and adapted them to global tastes. One example is the collaboration between Dior and local craftspeople on the cruise show in 2020. Another example is the work of YSL Beauty, which partnered with a local women’s cooperative to create a permanent botanical research centre in the Ourika Valley. These businesses are a testament to the talent and skills of the people of Marrakech.

If you’re a fashionista, don’t miss the Yves Saint Laurent Museum. In the all-black hall, the designer’s 50 masterpieces are on display. The clothes and accessories on display echo Moroccan clothing, including the kaftan, jabador and burnoose. The museum’s collection of art, photography and sculptures is the ultimate inspiration for a fashion trip to Marrakech.

The cuisine is an integral part of Moroccan culture. During your trip, learn to cook the traditional way by taking a cooking class. If you’d rather spend some time relaxing in the hammam, you can attend a traditional Moroccan bathhouse, known as a gommage. Moroccans visit these public bathhouses on a weekly basis and a visit to one of these places is an excellent way to reconnect with friends and family. You can also enjoy traditional Moroccan massage treatments in luxurious surroundings.

There are many ways to get inspired in Marrakech. For example, the city’s culture has inspired the creation of many young artists and designers. While the old city is filled with a large number of boutiques, you can also visit some of them outside the old city, such as Gueliz and Sidi Ghanem. While the traditional medina is packed with artisan workshops and galleries, many boutiques have a bespoke shop experience, where you can purchase unique Moroccan pieces.

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