Earning Anywhere: Business Cards, Video Interviews, and Other Resources for Aspiring Remote Workers

Remote working has opened up all kinds of new work opportunities, whether you’re looking to start a business of your own or enjoy employment remotely. If you want to cut out the commute and earn with more independence, you’ll need to carry out some prior research – here are a few tips shared from to get you started.


With free software, cheap overheads, and a receptive market, there’s never been a better time to found a company of your own.

  • Start your company’s journey by building a business plan, mapping out the viability of your idea and the strength of the existing market
  • It’s then a good idea to review your budget and weigh your finances against any expected costs
  • Collect together as many free online tools and software as you can – for example, use a free template to create your business card design

Remote Working

Many employers are open to the idea of hiring workers from afar. If you have the relevant skills, you can now take advantage of this wherever you’re based.

  • Make sure you have a space from which you can conduct video interviews to qualify for new roles
  • You could seek out job opportunities in well-paying states/cities that were previously located too far away from you
  • Many English speaking countries are interested in hiring help from abroad, subcontracting often involves less paperwork and makes this a viable option

Opportunities for Veterans

If you’re a veteran looking for more independence from your work life, there’s plenty of help available and resources to make the most of.

  • If you want to start a business as a veteran, you’ll qualify for more grants and loans, including from the SBA
  • Familiarize yourself with career options available to veterans – many job boards feature specific veterans-exclusive job postings
  • If you’re finding the transition to remote work challenging, take some time to read about how other veterans have done so successfully

The digital age has opened up limitless opportunities for those who like to work independently. Take a new step today and discover what lies in your career without the restrictions of geography.

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