Top 7 Exotic Food Restaurants – Must Go in Lahore

“Lahore Lahore Hai” is a phrase we always hear when people talk about Lahore. A city of art, culture, and history has a lot to offer making it the most popular city in Pakistan. When we talk about Lahore, one cannot ignore the fact that it is also known as the center of the food. From traditional desi food to classic dhabas to high-end fine dining, Lahore has everything to suit your taste buds.

Initially, Lahore was more known for its classic desi pakwaan dishes, but as the city developed, the food scene changed, and is now known for its premium fine dining. If you ever decide to dine out in style. Here are the top 7 Best Restaurants in Gulberg Lahore you must try.

Options Restaurant:

Options Restaurant has its own identification thanks to a wide variety of cultured and intercontinental dishes. The Options are the best restaurant for an exotic and local food specialty. With focuses on Pakistani food, Iranian food, Turkish food, Lebanese food, and Fast food. Options Restaurants is very popular all over Pakistan for its delicious taste of traditional and intercontinental dishes with some exclusive deals and offers. Options Restaurants also offers buffets at a reasonable price. The Options have a wide variety of special dishes, special offers, and hot deals for Lahore Food Lovers. Therefore, Options take great pride in the fact that all proprietary recipes and foods are developed in-house and made fresh daily in our facility. Undoubtedly, Options is one of the best restaurants in Lahore.

Costa Nostra:

One of the best places to eat out, Cosa is arguably the oldest restaurant in the fine dining category and offers you a variety of dishes from pizzas to burgers to steaks. Cosa is a combination of quality food and an exquisite ambiance that makes your dining experience truly exquisite.

Cafe veranda:

If you are a buffet lover, Café Veranda is the place to be. Located in the center of Lahore at MM Alam. The veranda is renowned for its quality continental food. Therefore, with exclusive service, a glamorous ambiance, and delicious desserts. Therefore, this is one place you definitely don’t want to miss to try.

Arcadian Cafe:

Want to hang out with friends and enjoy an elegant atmosphere to relax? Then this is the spot for you. Therefore, offering a diverse menu of Italian, French, Continental, and Asian, the Arcadian Café is firmly rooted in Lahore’s culinary arena.

The polo lounge:

If you haven’t been there a million times, the Polo Lounge, located in the Lahore Polo Club, is a must in 2015. Therefore, the reason for this is their consistent and varied menu that resonates with the luxury of Polo as a sport. Their Sunday brunch is a must!

Spice Bazaar:

Tired of the same old Pakistani cuisine and BBQ? Want to try something new? Then Spice Bazaar is definitely recommended. A venture of English Tea House and Yumm Group. Spice Bazaar has grown into a popular city in just a few months for its high-quality food and excellent service. Therefore, the restaurant offers Pakistani dishes, BBQ, and Afghan dishes that will captivate your taste buds.


If you are a lover of Chinese food and want to experience authentic Chinese food. This is a place you would not want to miss. Part of the English teahouse group Yumm offers a variety of dishes that give you a real Chinese experience. The tempura shrimp, special Yumm beef, and special Yumm soup are a must-try. In summary, it is irresistible quality and delicious food. Visit our website giramondo pk. It is one of the best restaurants in lahore.

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