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The world of artificial intelligence (AI) just got a major boost from one of China’s leading tech companies. Meituan, a food delivery and lifestyle services platform, recently announced their $100 million investment in Flexiv AI, an AI research and development company. This move cements Meituan’s commitment to staying at the forefront of AI technology and will undoubtedly drive the advancement of the industry into the future. flexiv ai 100m meituanliaotechcrunch

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is quickly changing the way we work, interact and make decisions. Recent developments in AI technology have created tools that can automate processes, improve decision-making and even create autonomous agents that can take on tasks traditionally done by humans. Flexiv, a leading AI research and development company, recently partnered with MeituanLiaoTech to launch their newest product – The Flexiv AI 100M. flexiv ai 100m meituanliaotechcrunch

Today marks a monumental milestone in the world of artificial intelligence (AI) – the launch of Flexiv AI100M by MeituanLiaoTech. This groundbreaking venture is set to revolutionize the way we interact with AI, pushing it beyond its current applications and into an unprecedented level of accuracy, efficiency and speed. With an initial investment of 100 million dollars, this project has the potential to be a major game-changer for the industry.

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