Garba! 5 Ethnic Earrings Style You Don’t Want To Miss

The Garba festival is in full swing, with dandiya nights, delicious cuisine, ghagharas, and more. Silver Star Jewel has festival-ready Ethnic earrings. Garba season is celebrated with zeal throughout Navratri, especially in the west. Everyone gathers in a broad area and dances the Garba with Dandiya and sticks.

Every woman understands that her style is in-completed without the appropriate pair of earrings. To look gorgeous, look at our Bollywood styling divas. These style icons wear earrings with every outfit. Deepika Padukone, Sonam Kapoor, Alia Bhatt, and all the lovely girls of B-town always have their go-to style earring influence. Choose carefully. To steal the show during Garba, you need the proper earrings.

These 5 Earrings Can Add Charm to Your Look:


Jhumkas are essential for traditional and modern ensembles. People in India call earrings “jhumkas” because they dangle from your earlobes and highlight your beauty when you turn. Since their inception, jhumkas have adorned jewelry beyond anyone’s imagination. Earrings give your outfit a striking look. Silver Jhumkas are popular. Silver earrings and jhumkas are trends you can’t miss. The latest style is to wear a silver jhumka with a simple neckpiece. The neckpiece and earrings help you look sophisticated and subtle. The fashion statement asks that you are constantly changing. Thus there is no fixed trend, and you do not have to follow it. Keep trying fresh silver jhumka styles. You can wear enormous, opulent silver earpieces to add quality to your outfit or a discreet, simple silver earring to look classier. You’ll rock the Garba with your classic silver jhumkas.


Silver studs are comfortable and stylish. Easy and fashionable, they’re women’s go-to accessories. These simple, charming earrings match any outfit in your closet. Versatility and class. Studs are appropriate for formal and informal events. Imagine you’re wearing a glittery, colorful outfit with pearls. Silver studs are your ultimate rescue if you want to wear a basic, cute, yet smart dress to a formal event or function. Pairing a basic saree or casual garment with a silver stud and pearl would offer refinement and smartness without being overdressed. Studs are diverse. These fit any woman, regardless of age or skin. Latch-type stud earrings are safe and secure to wear since they lock to your earlobe. They’re excellent for office and family functions.

Hoop Earrings:

Lightweight and simple, Hoop Earrings represent the style of hula-hoops. Big hoops are compressed and reshaped to be more adaptable. Chunky sterling hoops will transform your outfit. Large hoops are traditional and will make you look more beautiful. Colorful hoops are appealing, sophisticated, and expensive-looking. Festival-goers should use hoops because they’re easy to carry.


Because of their shape and style, teardrop earrings are elegant. They are also known as “drop earrings,” representing the falling drop of water. A pastel tint in the earrings might produce a fresh, understated style. A pastel color is a light in color to create a somber look with a superb dress-up. Everyone likes to wear dangling sorts of earrings. These earrings are lightweight, so let’s not make this Garba overweight and feel free while wearing teardrop earrings. You might go for some more hoop varieties of a teardrop, adding more personality to your style.


They mix two types of earrings, which include teardrop and studs. You must try chandelier earrings when you are not wearing too hefty an attire. They give a vintage style to catch the light and make you shine with your regal glow. They can be found in both categories as heavier or lighter. The same color stone available might make a combination with your apparel so that it will look like a combination.

As we close up this article, we hope all the thoughts will be clear regarding carrying your earrings with clothing and some eccentric style statements that B-town beauties have followed. It’s not just about the style statement. Still, you also need to take care of your skin too, because wearing heavy false earrings can develop an infection, and you will have pain in your ears, so go for wholesale sterling silver earrings, which will not create discomfort problems for your ears.

This Garba season flaunts more beautifully when acquiring the classy 925 sterling silver gemstone earrings from Silver Star Jewel. We offer pure silver earrings from which you will not suffer from extreme pain.

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