harishchandragad trek- Itinerary and best time to visit


A famous historical refuge in the neighborhood of Ahmednagar is a true niche for you to attend for a weekend breakout. Discovered at the Malshej ghat, Harishchandragad fort is 166 km from Pune and. It is at a peak of 1424 meters.

Harishchandragad is outstanding for its famous essence. Health lovers accompany this place to have a wonderful belief in the refuge and the surrounding natural beauty. It actually requests a variation of explorations. It is declared that Harishchandragad was assembled in the 6th century. It has numerous subways which were etched around the 11th century. 

Harishchandragad trek

This fort has all the occasions that a true outing expects. If you love journeying, then you will respect this niche because the Harishchandragad trip has numerous highways. It has susceptible highways for learner status trekking, acceptable highways for an exhilarating touring occasion, and impossible highways for a challenging touring knowledge. Every journey highway is shocking, amusing, and fascinating

During the Harishchandragad trek, you can glimpse many dramatic peaks, dense herbage about, and many cascades. During monsoons, you can think of the small atmosphere and listen to the low tone of crinkling coatings and chirping birds, which will calm your senses and trunk. 

The trip takes around 9 hours, and all the undertaking is worth it when you enter the definitive objective that is the Harishchandragad palace. The knowledge of spectacular belief glamour from the ceiling is terrific and tremendous. You can see many peaks and dramatic gorges from the top. 

The temperature at the top is cold and steady. The nicest moment to visit this area is in winter as you will glimpse haze in the surrounding, which makes this niche look more extraordinary.

This location will astound you, and you will remember the memories for the rest of your life.It is a very unexplored place. You should surely visit this place for an unforgettable experience and a great weekend.   

The numerous formations on the refuge and those in the enclosing country demonstrate the presence of different societies. Satta Theertha Pushkarni, Kedareshwar buckle, Harishchandra temple and other caves are the diagrams for that. 

Harishchandragad trek has considerable highways and each highway requests an alarm to the trekkers. It is also a comprehensive carton of beliefs once you enter the ceiling.

Pushkarni is an adequately assembled lake discovered to the east of the Harishchandreshwar church. There used to be heroes of Lord Vishnu inside the synagogue-like configuration that are on the pool of the lake. Now, they have occurred striding to the subways.

There are many subways circling across the refuge. Some of the subways are borrowed for concession and some are nonetheless retained adequately.

Khireshwar trek road has two highways, one is via Rajmarg and the other street is via Tolar Khind. 

The path via Rajmarg has some hazardous paragraphs. Therefore it is not authorized if you do not have a voyaging understanding.

The most intriguing juncture on Harishchandragad Fort is this ridge, which has constantly captivated numerous people from numerous years. The ridge confronts west and looks down upon the Konkan with an astonishing belief of the enclosing country and dusk. This ridge is not just upright  it is an overhang, virtually like a cobra’s reasonable

Harishchandragad Route situations There are three prominent ways to get to the Harishchandragad Fort. One via Khireshwar Village, Vaat and the susceptible one via Pachnai Village.

The Khireshwar townley parkway to Harishchandragad is the only highway that chief species crave as it requests a lot of dramatic glamour while touring. But this highway is also a fraction moment expending

One has to committee the bus for Nasik or Mumbai & alight at Ghoti townlet. From Ghoti, then have to put up with another bus to Sangamner via Malegaon & alight at Rajur townlet. From Rajur, one has to board the bus or a personal automobile to the townlet of Pachanai. From here, the path is straight to the topmost milestone. Previously, the street from Rajur to Kothale has been made usable. Tolar valley the chapel is about three hours by walking. from kotul to kothale bus capabilities accessible way to tolar khind every hour bus taking off towards kothale, special automobiles also available on this route

There are many ancient openings along the way that you’ll be able to accompany during this trek. The terrain for the excursion can be impossible in some communities because the monsoons can make the lowermost slippery. There are nevertheless incredible groves, appall notions of Sahyadris’s evergreen flora, the darknesses that wrap the trip road and lakes. The ceiling openings to glance at on this outing are Kokankada, Taramati Peak, Shiv Temple, a chronological Shivling, Pushkarni lake.

Beginning your trek at sunrise. After an eight-km hike, you’ll be eligible to glimpse the ancient Shivling site where you will find a Ganesh chapel. Take in the dawn as stroll closer to the darkness. Outstanding Kokankada is barely a league away from this juncture. The Kokankada is understood for its elevation and the extraordinary beliefs to appreciate from this astonishing setting. The cameras are all out when you get to this excellent area. Striking distance, Taramati result is known as the elevated juncture in Harishchandragad. The maximum is another 45 moments from Kokankada. Realize the impression of walking over the hazes when you obtain Taramati results.


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