Highest Run Scorers From Each T20 World Cup: Master Blasters

So far, the player with the most runs in a Twenty20 World Cup is Virat Kohli. He is in the first place right now. The outgoing captain of the Indian cricket team finished the 2014 ICC Twenty20 World Cup with a total of 319 runs.

Virat Kohli has only played in 27 games, but he has already scored 1,141 runs and has a batting average of 81.50, which is amazing. The former captain of India has a batting average of more than 130 and has made 13 scores of 50 or more. In the first competition, which took place in 2016, he played against West Indies and got 89 runs without being out.

According to t20 cricket highlights, during the 2014 T20 World Cup, the talismanic batter scored 319 runs in just six games, which set a new record for the most runs scored in a single tournament.

Mahela Jayawardene, who used to bat for the Sri Lankan cricket team, has scored the second-most runs in the Twenty20 World Cup.

Jayawardene played in all five Twenty20 World Cups, from 2007 to 2014. He played in a total of 31 games and scored a total of 1,016 runs, with an average of 39.07 and a strike rate of 134.74.

In 2010, the Twenty20 World Cup was held in the Caribbean. The former captain of the Sri Lankan team was the tournament’s top run-scorer. He scored 302 runs in six games, with an average of 60.40 and a strike rate of 159.78, which is a very high rate. Jayawardene made history at the 2010 Twenty20 World Cup, which was held in the West Indies. He was the first Sri Lankan player to score a century. He did this while playing the tournament’s hosts, the West Indies.

What Comes Next? Chris Gayle is a great opener for the West Indies. He has hit the third-most sixes in Twenty20 cricket. The southpaw has played in 33 games and scored 965 runs, with an average score of 34.46 and a strike rate of 142.75.

Tillakaratne Dilshan, who used to play with Jayawardene, and Rohit Sharma, who is the captain of the Indian cricket team right now, are also in the top five.

  • ICC T20 World Cup 2007: Matthew Hayden

Matthew Hayden, a former left-handed opener for Australia who played for the first time in the Twenty20 World Cup in South Africa, had the most runs of any player. Hayden scored 265 runs in just six games, giving him a batting average of 88.33 and a strike rate of 144.80. The hard-hitting batsman scored four fifty-point runs for his team during the competition. It’s important to remember that India beat Australia in the semi-finals to get to the final game and win the tournament.

  • ICC T20 World Cup 2009: Tillakaratne Dilshan

During the 2009 ICC Twenty20 World Cup, which was held in England, Tillakaratne Dilshan scored the most runs. The right-handed batsman led off for Sri Lanka in seven games and scored 317 runs, with an average of 52.83 runs per game and a strike rate of 144.74. He was very important in getting Sri Lanka to the final, which they lost to Pakistan at Lord’s Cricket Ground.

  • ICC T20 World Cup 2012: Shane Watson

Shane Watson, who used to be the opener for the Australian cricket team, had the most runs overall at the ICC Twenty20 World Cup in Sri Lanka in 2012. Watson was able to score more runs than Mahela Jayawardene, which gave him the batting title. Watson only played in six games, but he still had a very good batting average of 49.80, scored 249 runs, and struck out 150 times. At the Twenty20 World Cup, Australia lost to the West Indies in the semi-final match, and the West Indies went on to win the whole thing.

  • ICC T20 World Cup 2014: Virat Kohli

In 2014, India’s famous batsman Virat Kohli won the ICC Twenty20 World Cup. In 2014, the event took place in Bangladesh. Kohli was unbeatable in the 2014 competition. He scored 319 runs throughout six games, with an average of 106.33 and a strike rate of 129.14. During the main competition, he had four scores that were higher than fifty. Two of those scores were against South Africa in the semi-final and against Sri Lanka in the final. Despite this, India lost the championship game to Sri Lanka.

  • ICC T20 World Cup 2016: Tamim Iqbal

At the 2016 Twenty20 World Cup, which was held in India, Tamim Iqbal, an aggressive opener from Bangladesh, had the most runs of anyone. The southpaw finished with 295 runs in six games, with an average of 73.75 and a strike rate of 142.51. He beat Virat Kohli to become the player with the most runs ever. Tamim had also hit a Twenty20 hundred in a game they played against Oman in Group A. Bangladesh didn’t make it past the Super 10 stage of the competition, which was too bad.

  • ICC T20 World Cup 2021: Babar Azam

At the end of the Twenty20 World Cup 2021, which took place in the United Arab Emirates and Oman, Pakistan’s captain, Babar Azam, beat Australia’s flashy opener, David Warner, in the batting rankings. Azam scored an incredible 303 runs in only six games, but he struck out 126.25 times and averaged 60.60 runs per game. The 27-year-old player got four scores of 50 in the well-known Twenty20 competition.

  • ICC T20 World Cup 2022: Virat Kohli

Virat Kohli, who used to be the captain of India, led the competition in runs scored in 2022, too. He got 296 runs in six games, with a 98.66 average and a 136.40 strike rate. During that time, he hit four balls worth 50 points or more, which was more than any other batter.

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