How Do I Cancel CenturyLink Internet?

Sometimes, internet services can be very difficult to understand and deal with, especially if you are stuck with a low-quality internet connection. It’s quite ironic too since the internet is supposed to make your life better and easier, but it just complicates things sometimes. What are you supposed to do in that situation? Well, let’s find out. But before that, let’s take a quick glimpse into the problem that could be caused by the internet. Surprisingly, most of the time, its slow speeds or no connectivity is the major cause.

CenturyLink is one ISP among many in the U.S. with a large customer base spanning 30+ states. CenturyLink Internet is quite the popular option in many states and the reason is due to its high-speed internet plans and massive availability.

Like any other provider, CenturyLink can sometimes cause issues as well. It is completely unavoidable and so, it is not unusual to see that some people want to cancel their subscription. So, of course, we can help with that. In today’s blog, we will discuss a little bit about the internet plans being offered by CenturyLink and then the cancelation method. Let’s get right to it!

About CenturyLink

CenturyLink provides internet and home phone services to residential homes and businesses. You can even get TV services from DIRECTV and DISH as add-ons to CenturyLink bundles. Its serviceability spans 36 states exactly, with the top states being Arizona, Washington, Colorado, Florida, etc.

CenturyLink plans and bundles are well-known and received by many people due to their affordability. Unlike many other ISPs, CenturyLink is very cost-friendly and you can count on reliability and stability in terms of pricing. There are no sudden changes in pricing or price hikes.

CenturyLink ranks as one of the top 5 ISPs in the U.S. and part of the reason for this achievement is that it has managed to keep DSL a relevant option for urban and suburban communities. Of course, there are many more reasons for that ranking besides that as well.

CenturyLink Internet Plans

First things first, CenturyLink offers two connection types: DSL and Fiber. With DSL, you get access to speeds up to 100 Mbps whereas, with Fiber, you can access speeds of up to 940 Mbps. You can see from these plans that CenturyLink has designed them while keeping different customers in mind. Overall, you can roughly divide customers or users into two categories, people who use the internet but only to stay connected and people who use the internet for heavy tasks and activities.

This way, the DSL plan will work well with the former and the Fiber plan is better suited for the latter. Furthermore, whichever the connection type or whatever the plan, the data limit for it is none, which means you will not need to worry about any suspension, hefty data overage fee, or any other penalty if you exceed the limit.

Lastly, the speed and plan availability is all dependent on the area. Some areas might have access to DSL and Fiber, while others might only have access to DSL. Unfortunately, CenturyLink Fiber is limited to very limited areas and the reason is the expensive infrastructure. However, CenturyLink is constantly working to bring the most popular and fastest internet option available to everyone as soon as possible.

Note the pricing for the plans. This pricing, unlike many other ISPs’ internet plans, is constant. This is not the promotional pricing for 12 months, but it is the original price of the plan. So, this way, if you are comparing plans, this is an important detail to consider.

Internet PackagesConnection typeSpeedsData LimitPrice
Simply Unlimited InternetDSL15 – 20 Mbps Speed availability is reliant on your area.None$50/mo.
Rate requires paperless billing. Additional fees, taxes, and surcharges apply.
Simply Unlimited InternetDSL40 – 100 Mbps Speed availability is reliant on your area.None$50/mo.
Rate requires paperless billing. Additional fees, taxes, and surcharges apply.
Fiber GigabitFiberUp to 940 Mbps Speed availability is reliant on your area. Maximum download & upload speed of up to 940 Mbps via a wired connection.None$65/mo.
Rate requires paperless billing. Additional fees, taxes, and surcharges apply.

Cancel CenturyLink Internet Service

Moving on to the cancellation of service, CenturyLink doesn’t have any contracts for any of its plans or bundles. This makes unsubscribing from their plans a lot easier. Firstly, before you call CenturyLink customer service, make sure you have your CenturyLink account number on hand. Aside from this, you will also need to have the name and phone number linked to the account and of course, you need to have a reason for cancelation of the service.

After collecting all of these things, follow these steps:

  1. Contact CenturyLink Customer Support

Of course, to cancel the service, you will need to call the CenturyLink customer department. While you can initiate this process through email or text as well, it is advised to do it via call since this will speed up the process.

Once you mention it to the customer service rep about the cancellation, you will naturally face resistance and a lot of questions about this. If you have a good reason for cancellation, this negotiation/convincing process will be easier and hopefully short too.

After you have made your point and convinced the CenturyLink service professional, it’s time to move to the next step.

  • Request for Cancellation of your Service

When you request for cancellation and give them the reason, you will be asked for your account information so they can process it. The indication for this process finalizing will be an email in your inbox confirming the cancellation of CenturyLink internet service. Make sure to star your email or mark it as important as it could be useful in the future in case of any issues.

  • Return the Equipment Provided by the Company

For the next step, you will be given 30 days and asked to return the equipment within this duration. If, for whatever reason, you have decided to keep the equipment, you will be charged for that, just as if you are buying it from them.

Note that you will only have to return the equipment that you have received from CenturyLink and not your own. This includes a modem, router, connecting wires, cables, etc.

  • Confirmation

Since the process might take a few days and a little more time, you might keep receiving calls from CenturyLink trying to get you to stay. If not, you will still need to call them to confirm your cancellation status. After all, you don’t want to end up with a surprise bill in your mailbox charging for the service after you’ve canceled, do you? So, make sure to confirm the cancellation with an agent.

  • Pay the Dues and Claim the Deposit

If you have any unpaid dues left over, now is the time to get rid of them by paying them. Although this is the first thing you should have done, even before you called for cancellation, in case you have forgotten, don’t worry, the customer service rep will inform you about it.


This concludes our topic for canceling CenturyLink internet service. While we have mentioned everything you might need to know in regards to cancellation, we have also given a brief introduction to CenturyLink and its internet plans in the beginning. If you are not a customer of CenturyLink or have changed your mind about canceling and decided to just upgrade instead, you can do either of those things at BuyTVInternetPhone. This website makes it easier for you to subscribe or unsubscribe, get contact information, get plan details, and much more.

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