How to acquire this week’s new Dragon Rider animation in Free Fire MAX

The Faded Wheel has been revived by Free Fire Name. This battle royale event in the game features a list of objects that mobile gamers may claim by spinning the wheel and paying diamonds (in-game cash).

This time around, the Dragon Rider animation and the Feral Electrosaur are two of the most desired things on the Faded Wheel. Before spinning the wheel, mobile players must take two things from the ten-item prize pool of their choosing. Here’s everything they need to know about the new event, including tips on how to increase their chances of acquiring the products they want.

MAX Fire is available for free. Details about the Faded Wheel event The Faded Wheel is the most recent of the Luck Royales in Free Fire MAX, having begun on June 13, 2022. Players will have until June 19, 2022 to redeem their winnings.

There are a total of eight spins available, each with a different payout. The accessory is given to you at random. The following are the pricing for the spins:

  • The first spin is worth nine diamonds.
  • The second spin has a value of 19 diamonds.
  • The third spin has a value of 39 diamonds.
  • The fourth spin has a value of 69 diamonds.
  • The fifth spin has a value of 99 gems.
  • The sixth spin has a value of 149 diamonds.
  • The seventh spin has a value of 199 diamonds.
  • The eighth spin has a value of 499 diamonds.
  • Prizes in the Faded Wheel are listed below.

The following is a comprehensive list of the Faded Wheel’s in-game accessories:

VALENTINES Weapon Loot CratePink DragonCarved HornsDragon RiderCube Fragment

Flaming Fires

Private Eye Weapon Loot CrateDiamond Royale VoucherDawnlit Drago Parachute (Expires on June 30, 2022)

Electrosaur ferocious

How to use the Faded Wheel to get Dragon Rider animation and other goodies

Players must pick two things to withdraw from the prize pool and then confirm their removal from the pool.

Players may now select the Spin option to obtain the aforementioned accessories.

Note that the Dragon Rider animation will almost certainly be assigned for the final spin, which means Free Fire MAX players will have to spend a total of 1082 diamonds to get it.

After accumulating 13,500 LINK Progress, gamers will receive the character for free.

Players should also be aware that they can only link one character at a time, though they will be able to switch between them. Their progress with a particular character will be saved, and they will be able to resume where they left off at a later date. Before making a switch, players will have to wait for a 24-hour cooling period.

In Free Fire, the LINK System can be accessed in the following ways. To gain free access to the LINK System and unlock the characters, MAXPlayers must follow the steps outlined below:

Open Free Fire MAX and select the appropriate option to go to the character area.

Next, they should pick the LINK option in the top right corner, which will show them a list of characters they may unlock.

To get 13,500 LINK Progress, they must confirm their option and then play the battle royale game.

After the Progress requirement is met, players will obtain the skin.

Under the present constraints, users may earn a maximum of 2000 LINK progress every day, which means they’ll be able to unlock a character in around a week.

Which characters should you unlock first using the LINK System?

The player has complete control over the character they choose; however, players should prioritise unlocking characters with active skills, since these have a bigger overall impact on their own. After unlocking Alok, Dimitri, K, and Skyler, players can focus on collecting the remaining passive choices.

Because free character grinding takes time, gamers should begin with the one they most need.

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