How to Choose A Gift for Your Friend

It can be difficult giving a gift to your friend. The reason may be two things. One, it may be because you may have just recently been friends and you do not know about him that much yet. Another reason may be because you have already given him lots of presents throughout the years and you do not know what to give him this time. Your situation may be either one, but you are not alone. Many people cannot choose from rich things today. Here in this article, we’ll tell you some ways of choosing a gift for your friend.

Ways to Know How to Choose a Gift for Your Friend

Start thinking about possible gift ideas

The only way to start to know what to give your friend is by thinking about it. You can ponder about it throughout the day or week or month. You can write them all down using your smartphone. If you are old school, you can use a piece of paper and pen and make a list of the possible things that he may like. Think specific. Is it customizable rolling trays, toy figures, or functional kitchen stuff? Take note of these things and list them all down.

Narrow down his interests

If you cannot reflect on the exact present to give, you can shift to the hobbies and interests that your friend may have. Recall all his stories about his most enjoyable times. You can also think about your funny experiences with each other to find out the things that he is fascinated with. More ideas that you list equates to more options.

Know his personality

What is his personality? You do not need to have years of friendship to make a catalog of your friend’s personality. You can just base your list on your time together. Does he love pets? If so, you can give him a chew ball or a set of clothes for his pets. Is one of his hobbies being able to play instruments? Then you can give him a guitar pick, a ukulele, or a violin depending on your budget. Is he crazy about expressing his personality through fashion? Buy him a pair of black sunglasses, a classic Swiss-made watch, or a bracelet.

Ask leading questions

If you still cannot think of the best gift that you can give your friend, then the next thing that you can do is to ask leading questions. What are leading questions? These are queries about his life that can tell you his preferred gift in his current season. You can ask questions like these:

– What do you do in your free time?

– What items are you drawn to when you go shopping?

– Do you want to learn more about something?

– Do you have something that you dream of having someday?

– How do you relax during your leisure time?

These questions can help you decide on the gift that you can buy for your friend. These subtle inquiries are great especially if you plan on surprising him on his special day.


You have many ways to show your appreciation and love to your friend. You can treat him to a trip somewhere or you can give him a card. But the one thing that they will truly value is a tangible and functional gift that they can use in their life. Good customizable rolling trays, bikes, and games are great ideas if they like fun presents. Notebooks and journals are recommended if they like writing. Whatever their preferred gift is, as long as you devoted a lot of time and effort knowing about it, it will be of worth for your friend.

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