How to choose a Hunting knife from damascus1

There are several factors to consider when choosing a Damascus Hunting knife. Some are important and some have limitations, such as the size of the budget. The author will describe all those cheap knives in their current state, which are two hundred dollars cheaper. It should be noted that almost all branded knives are out of range! But about choosing a good knife from well-known companies, even though it is a budget knife, another article should be written: 

How to choose a cheap hunting knife?

As I was thinking about this criterion, the idea arose to immediately pull the maximum inclination and the maximum inclination of the content. By what criteria do we find a suitable knife? I will tell the author immediately, who has a lot of pictures and writings on the internet. Don’t be perverted and don’t think that design needs protection.

Therefore, the choice of Damascus Hunting knives with a limited budget.

  • Budget – As agreed, no more than two hundred dollars.
  • Steel – The choice is small, it is better to write 440C, 9Cr13, etc. on the knife – D2 (if it is not just a note on the blade to convince the buyer.
  • Handle material – usually G-10, fiberglass of different colors, cheap stainless steel.
  • Locks – You can buy knives on almost any lock. But the lower the price, the worse the lock tuning.
  • Size – It doesn’t matter, because part of the cost is taken from the technical process.
  • Acceleration – Almost always a flat bevel with a total accelerating angle of 40 to 60 degrees.

There are many such knives. This is a clone of the slightly enlarged RAT 1 folder (blue) and a huge Damascus knife that is interesting in the pictures. Blue can cost up to 1000 1,000 (you need to know where to buy a knife – I bought it more expensive and because of all the logos), black – less than 00 1,500. Tie the same knot – the secret blue knot is 60 degrees faster. I had to sharpen the knife again

1. large Damascus Hunting knives

This is a great Damascus Hunting knife. But if you try to make a loaf of bread together or cut a tomato with a Hunting knife, you will stick one of these knives and twist it:

It’s a big D2 knife – but the knife is really big enough for everyday wear.

damascus1 company manufactures a good number of models of Damascus Hunting knives. Almost all of them lick this famous, time-tested knife. Take it easy and then something will look obsolete – like, for example:

2. Damascus G742 family of knives

All that remains is to tie the rope and the viola: a beautiful Damascus Hunting knife – it will have nothing but peel the apple, open the package, and cut the thread.

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