How to Create a Friendly Environment for Children at School?


Do your students enjoy learning with you? If yes, it is good news. If your answer to this question is no, you need to rethink how you can create a friendly environment in your class.

A friendly classroom enhances the learning of students. However, most of the time, teachers prefer to be strict as they do not know how to be friendly with their students. It is why today’s article is all about creating a friendly environment for children at school.

It will discuss all the necessary strategies and techniques in detail. But before going towards our main topic, let’s explain what it means by friendly environment means and what is its importance. Let’s start our discussion formally.

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What is a friendly class environment, and why is it important?

The classroom environment is one of the most important factors in students’ learning. A friendly classroom environment is one in which the teachers take students’ needs into consideration and design their lectures based on that. Students spend a significant amount of time in school. Therefore, it is necessary for a classroom to be inclusive of all the activities that enhance the students’ learning.


As discussed earlier, students spend a large amount of time in school. Therefore, the schools need to create an environment that maximizes learning. Below are some points that further elaborate on the importance of a friendly classroom.

  • Students are more relaxed and participate in class discussions actively.
  • A friendly classroom environment fosters the creative thinking of students.
  • Such an environment boosts the students’ confidence and self-esteem.

How to create a friendly environment?

From the discussion above, you know all the necessary information about a friendly classroom. Now, in this section of today’s article, let’s talk about how you can create a friendly environment for children. Hence, a brief description of all the strategies is as follows:

Greet your students

The greeting is a basic thing that plays an important role in the healthy communication of things. It shows the love and affection you have for others in your heart. Therefore, you must greet your students whenever you come into the class. Make them feel that you are truly happy to have them on board. A friendly “Hello” can make two strange people friend with each other. So, you must also find something to greet your students.

Let the students share

As it is said, sharing is caring. You can create a friendly environment for children when you let them share. Now, you must be thinking about what it means to share. It means to allow them to talk about a life event, a summer activity, or anything related to coursework. Take part in this conservation if you can. It is because your participation can really boost the morale of your students.

Say no to all forms of bullying

Stopping all forms of bullying is imperative to a friendly classroom. If children at school bully each other, the classroom environment cannot be made suitable for learning. As a teacher, you must stop this kind of activity early and also encourage the students to report any such event. Therefore, to create a friendly environment in the class, you must have guidelines about bullying.

Show inclusiveness

A friendly classroom is one in which there is no discrimination. In many schools, students discriminate against their fellow students based on their gender, colour, and race. Even many teachers do this in the class. They do not focus on such students. If you are also practising this, you must stop doing it and show some inclusiveness. When you allow the minority students to take part in the class activities equally, the class environment becomes more energetic and friendly.  

Promote two-way respect

As a teacher, you must not forget to teach your students about the golden rule of respect. It is, give respect and take respect, often called two-way respect. Without two-way respect, the classroom environment cannot be friendly. It is because where there is no respect, there is hate. Hate gives birth to aggression and inequality, which is not good for a classroom environment. Therefore, you must always teach your students to respect each other.


As a teacher, you always need to create a friendly environment at school. It is both necessary for students’ learning and the overall discipline of the school. The strategies mentioned above to do this are only the major ones. There are many other strategies on the internet that you can use based on your scenario. Anyways, the point is that you must create an environment that is inclusive for all students and friendly.

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