How to Create a Mouth-Watering Menu for Your Restaurant 

The first thing a customer encounters when they visit a restaurant is its menu. When potential customers roam around to look for a good place to eat, they look at the displayed menu on the wall to decide whether they would like to try a certain restaurant or not. So make sure you create a unique and well-explained menu design to attract customers. An attractive-looking menu can serve as a great branding tool and get the customers hungry for their upcoming meals. 

On the contrary, a poorly designed menu can lead to agitation with customers asking questions for clarification. A menu with good presentation, fonts, colors, and design can help make the overall dining experience a positive one. For example, start the menu with choose between 14 combo meals then go on to explain the details of the combo meals and what they offer. 

Here are some tips to help you design a good-looking menu for your restaurant. 

Keep the Colours Simple 

Firstly you need to decide what your overall brand means to customers and keep the image in mind as you move forward. For the menu colors, choose simple colors that are easy to read. It ensures a positive response from the customers. 

Make sure the font colors stand out from the background so people of different ages can read it. Also, keep in mind your brand colors that established a connection between the restaurant interior and menu. You can choose a light background and keep the brand colors for the logo and bold headlines.

Print Easy to Read Fonts 

Keep the fonts easy to read to make the dining experience more seamless. It can confuse the customers if the font is too hard to read or too small. 

Besides making the font easy, determine what style you want to go with. Is your restaurant retro style or modern? If you are unsure of how to decide on it, look for your competitor’s website and fliers for inspiration.

Create a Grid on Your Menu Template 

Often huge blocks of information can be hard to interpret and read in a short time when deciding on the menu. But a typographic menu can look fantastic when you prepare it in a good manner. 

You can divide up the typographic designs using banners, grids, and dividers to separate sections of text and highlight important pieces of information. Draw attention to a certain menu option by setting it in a frame or banner. 

Add Photos to Your Menu 

One way to design a poor menu is lazily applied photos. Posting mouth-watering photos of dishes on the menu is a great way to direct customers to their perfect food. If you post photos without a border or layout, it would not appeal to the customers. 

You can get aesthetic photos of dishes with a white background or play around with colors and attach polaroid images to the menu with sticky tape. You can use a photoshop application to create the perfect looks for your menu. 

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