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 Reasons Why Brands Are Shifting To Influencer Marketing Strategy

Although influencer marketing is not a new concept within the industry ,it has become quite popular in the past few years. Influencer marketing has risen to prominence. As the world around us is getting more tech-savvy, and businesses are investing more time and attention to it than ever before. It’s difficult to navigate through social media without seeing influencer endorsements promoting a product.

With their over-the-top, glamorous, hilarious, and top-of-mind campaigns, brands and agencies have explored new and better creative boundaries. Not only do such campaigns assist firms in raising product knowledge and exposure.

But they also allow the formation of new partnerships, such as a triple relationship between the Brand, the Customer, and the Influencers. This has in turn brought harmonious and trustworthy relationships that have resulted in honest selling and referrals.

What is Influencer Marketing?

Influencer marketing, also known as branded content or collaborating with artists, is a guaranteed approach to increasing your brand’s social media reach. Simply said, an influencer is someone who can influence others. People believe the information offered by influencers and are more inclined to buy the product promoted through influencer marketing than other products. 

The influencers are mainly categorized based on the number of followers they have, namely four categories:

  • Nano influencers (1K–10K followers)
  • Micro-influencers (10K–100K followers)
  • Macro influencers (100K–1M followers)
  • Mega or celebrity influencers (1M+ followers)

Influencer marketing is defined as when a social media influencer shares material with their followers about a certain brand.

This could be a product, a service, or a campaign – in its most basic form. The goal is to find an influencer who is aligned with your brand.

And whose audience is likely to relate to and be interested in your product or service. The purpose of collaborating with influencers is to gain momentum for your company. Influencers’ suggestions are frequently highly respected by their followers, and the goal of partnering with them is to gain traction for your brand. Influencer marketing may be extremely valuable to your social media strategy since it allows you to access a specific, interested audience and broaden your reach.

Why is Influencer Marketing becoming popular in India?

There are several reasons behind this. Let us have a look at some of them:

1. Influencer Marketing Can Help to Amplify Your Brand Awareness: 

One of the key reasons why marketers utilize influencer marketing is to raise brand awareness. Influencers with significant followings have a lot of power to improve brand exposure by reaching many individuals with a single post.  If their followers are genuine and have a high engagement rate, it is probable that the recommendations and goods they write about will be recognized and considered by them. When brands collaborate with influencers, it can help them stand out and garner new followers, increasing their visibility and allowing them to get more traction. 

2. You Can Reach Your Target Audience by Using Influencers: 

Every marketing strategy must begin with identifying and reaching out to your target demographic. Influencer marketing is a fantastic approach to reaching out to your target audience. 

Choosing an influencer with a target audience, helps your campaign/message/product to be noticed by people who are likely to be interested in what you have to offer and engage with you.

Which is, of course, the goal of influencer marketing.

3. Influencer Partnerships Help to Improve Your Credibility and Trust: 

Influencers’ content and suggestions are trusted by consumers since they are considered third-party, unbiased sources, and this might influence people to buy your items or services. Influencers’ most powerful weapon is their followers’ faith in their judgment. 

Collaborating with credible and relevant influencers will help you build your brand’s reputation and credibility. As a result, when they express their thoughts on your brand, it will be perceived as a genuine endorsement.

Which will help you establish a loyal following of brand supporters.

4. Influencer Marketing Helps to Revamp Your Content Strategy: 

It’s critical that any brand’s social media channels offer fascinating, varied, and unique content to guarantee that they remain relevant and maintain an engaged audience. The perceived value of user-generated content (UGC) is increasing over time and incorporating influencer-created material into your feed may be quite useful because it provides the perfect testimonial that you can publish on your own platforms.

5. Working With Influencers Will Help Increase Your Engagement: 

It can be difficult to increase the number of likes, comments, and shares on social media posts, especially if your company is new to the market. Working with influencers may help you develop some very interesting and original content, which can enhance interaction on your social media channels.

6. You Can Enhance Your Search Engine Rankings by Working with Influencers: 

Collaborating with influencers can help you improve your search engine rankings by expanding your reach.

If an influencer posts a direct link to your website on their blog, it is likely that this will increase traffic to your site and, as a result, improve your search engine rankings.

7. Influencer Partnerships Can Help Boost Your Conversions: 

It can be challenging, especially if you’re a new brand, to persuade customers to try your product or service and to gain repeat customers who trust and value you, because the influencers have already earned the confidence of their audience, they can help drive more people to your products and services.


Influencer marketing in India is a hot topic, and major corporations are aiming to boost their budgets for influencer marketing.

Influencer marketing will become more prominent as social media platforms rise in popularity due to its content and honesty in revealing the truth. It aids brands in increasing brand recognition and boosting lead creation; the key is to understand the influencer landscape and the platform to engage with them.

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