Is It Good To Put Baby Oil On A Baby’s Head?

Baby massage has been a vital part of a baby’s growth & development regime for ages. Giving a daily massage to your baby offers many advantages and is a great way to express love, care, and affection. 

With dozens of massage oils available on the market, sweet almond oil for newborn massage to the head & body is a great choice. We often get queries from parents asking whether or not they should put the massage oil on the head of their babies. Thus, we bring this article for such parents to give them some knowledge about the same. Read on!

Top 5 Benefits to Massage the Baby’s Head

Body massage has a lot of benefits, as we all know, but head massage has its own. Some of these are:

  1. Promotes Hair Growth – Hair massage with the right massage oil helps promote the growth of hairs. Gently massaging with fingertips to the baby’s head keeps the follicles well nourished.
  1. Improves Memory Head contains small muscles with sensory nerves that send a signal to the brain, stimulating the brain to function better. It improves attention span, memory, and cognitive aspects.
  1. Better Sleep A good head massage relaxes the baby, reduces tension, and cuts down stress, increasing the blood circulation level to the scalp and promoting a better night’s sleep.
  1. Healthy Scalp Dust & pollution builds a lot of dirt & greasiness on the scalp of the babies. An oil massage helps remove them, keeping the scalp neat and clean.
  1. Good Texture A good head massage helps improve the hair texture of your baby by making them shiner and healthier. Oil-rich with antioxidants & vitamins helps maintain Keratin Protein in the hair strands. 

Can I Massage the Baby’s Head with Baby Massage Oil?

When choosing massage oil for your baby, you can’t go with any oil you have in your home. It’s essential to pick the right one that is safe for your baby and free from chemicals. 

You can use sweet almond oil, black sesame oil, and coconut oil by Little Rituals that are 100% natural and cold-pressed, making it entirely safe for your babies. The oil is extracted from multi-active plant extracts of balloon vine, Echium oil, and unsaponifiable sunflower oils. Daily massage to your baby gives many benefits and is a great way to express love and care.

So, you can massage your baby’s head with oils offered by Little Rituals containing all the necessary nutrients & vitamins. 

Some of the reasons to use Little Rituals’ massage oil are:

● Organic & wooden Ghani cold-pressed oils 

● 100% plant-based baby oils

● Certified by American Organic Inspection Agency & European Organic Inspection Agency

● Chemical free

● Safe for the baby’s skin

The Takeaway

The right type of head massage for a baby has many benefits. However, you must use organic almond oil for baby massage for the head and body, and natural plant-based massage oil is safe for the baby’s skin & head. So make sure you always go with natural & high-quality massage oil offered by Little Rituals that are not only 100% organic but also cold-pressed, providing the maximum benefits to your little munchkins. 

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