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Facebook, the social networking site, has a new feature called the “look back” feature. This feature allows users to see their own personal Facebook history. The look back feature is a great way for users to see how they have used Facebook over the years. However, there is one major downside to this feature. The look back feature is only available to users who have a Facebook account that is at least one year old. look facebook red team facebookhay

Facebook’s “red team” is a group of engineers tasked with finding security vulnerabilities in the company’s products. The team is named for the color of the warning label that is placed on security reports. look facebook red team facebookhay

The red team’s job is to think like attackers and find ways to exploit Facebook’s products. The team has found some serious security vulnerabilities in the past, including a flaw that allowed attackers to take over user accounts.

Facebook has long been a target for hackers. In 2011, the social media giant was the victim of a major data breach that exposed the personal information of millions of users. In recent years, Facebook has beefed up its security measures, but it appears that the company’s red team may have been breached once again.

According to a report from Facebookhay, an anonymous source has claimed that the Facebook red team, which is responsible for security testing, has been hacked.

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