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Modern Necessity: Eco-Friendly Homes

Eco-friendly homes have to be built to meet housing needs, but it is causing more and more damage to our planet.

Climate change and global warming are rapidly damaging the overall health of our planet Earth. Every part of this world needs to develop more sustainable ways of working. And when it comes to real estate, the construction sector is also on the same page. Click here to see Apartments for sale in Lahore Gulberg.

It should be known that although building materials are obtained from nature. However, the sources of the materials have impacted the planet’s natural reserves. Therefore, construction companies must use environmentally friendly construction methods.

Why does the need for environmentally friendly construction arise?

Pakistan is one of the largest countries in terms of population. Unsustainable building practices and urbanization are becoming a cause of the rising demand for housing. However, the sustainable use of natural resources is vital. We need to control and manage the depletion of natural resources in a healthy and safe way for everyone living on this planet. Real estate platforms could also showcase such projects or approaches where people may adopt sustainable building.

Ways to implement sustainable techniques

Growing vegetables on the roof

Green roofs are an environmentally friendly construction where plants, shrubs, grass, flowers, and other greenery grow on the roof. This ensures the collection of rainwater. The costs for cooling and heating are minimized and thus energy is saved. In addition, it also helps to improve the air quality in the home and the environment.

Use manufactured sand

Crushing available granite stones prepares the sand and helps reduce transportation costs. Manufactured sand is less free of impurities than naturally derived river sand and is believed to provide more robust support during construction.

Use plastic stones

Plastic is a big problem for the planet. Recycle soft plastic to make plastic bricks that can withstand harsh weather, rain, and massive pressure of at least six tons. Plastic bricks can replace bricks when building in rural areas prone to monsoon threats.

Many real estate companies and builders use a variety of technologies to build sustainably and environmentally in order to help rehabilitate our planet. So, if you are planning to buy a plot of land for sale to build a home on it, check out real estate portals such as keystonepk that support sustainable building practices.

Applying a passive solar concept

Building with the passive solar concept on a plot for sale is another way to use sustainable solar energy in building homes. Based on this concept, the facility’s design or location maximizes the utilization of solar energy to power homes during the winter or for other heating purposes.

Use rainwater harvesting

The purest form of water consumed in Pakistan is groundwater. However, rapid urbanization has reduced water penetration into the soil. Therefore, you need to conserve water by using rainwater harvesting to artificially replenish the groundwater.

Recycle metals

Recycling is an essential part of sustainable development. Metalworking takes a lot of energy. From mining metal ore in mines to heating, casting metal, and transporting it to industrial stores, it all consumes a lot of energy, releasing pollutants that pollute the atmosphere.

Using recovered, recovered or recycled materials reduces metal production from scratch by 60% and also helps reduce pollution. We use Recycled metal in homes for a variety of purposes, such as roofing, building facades, or structural supports.

Use water-saving devices

Install stormwater or gray water collection systems to reuse water to water plants or clean toilets. You can also use water-saving devices such as low-flow toilets, shower faucets, low-flow shower heads, and many more.

 Use Porotherm Smart Bricks

REB is a resource-efficient building block that consists of combining different materials. This stone ensures a fast and environmentally friendly construction process. We characterize the stones in the environment, as a safe time, high quality, and easy to use. In addition, these stones do not need sand and water. The stone provides thermal protection and dimensional stability. This way there is no wastage of energy and material and the building becomes more sustainable and robust.

Use environmentally friendly products

Use non-toxic paints and environmentally friendly products to improve the air quality in the homes

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