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For those who decide to dedicate their lives to scientific research, to architects, designers, or engineers studying at the most famous Italian Technological University – Politecnico di Milano, the famous Polytechnic University of Milan is the best in the country. And one of the best universities. University that has been certified. Classification study.

Milan Polytechnic University: A Brief Introduction to the University

In 1863 the eminent mathematician F. Brioschi was the director of the local Higher Technical Institute – from that moment, the history of the famous Milan Polytechnic University. Rapidly in the scientific community of Italy and Europe. The first study of the university has 30 students in 2020-2021. 36,000 boys and girls from all over the world practice the technique here.

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Milan Polytechnic University is now located in the heart of the city. Central Leonardo Complex with Leonardo Da Vinci Square. It has the main administrative services of the university and the largest research laboratory.

The remaining large campuses of Milan Polytechnic University students were for 80-90 years in the cities of Como, Mantua, Cremona-Emilia-Romagna, and Lombardy. It has become a learning and uses a platform for Italian and international students. In addition to the Milan campus, there are other university campuses in the last century. The school building, library, housing, and research center, as well as five other branches in designated areas.

The quality of education at the Polytechnic University of Milan reflects its winning position in the university rankings – for example, in 2020, according to the QS Polytechnic University’s global rankings, Milan ranks 20th in the world. Was on The measure of popularity is the same, more. Politecnico di Milano’s 6-7 place in the global ranking of design and architecture education is a significant achievement of the Italian education system. Therefore, international applicants dream of studying here.

What did you study at the Polytechnic University of Milan?

The Politecnico di Milano has 17 faculties and today offers the first distance education courses in its specialty. In addition to the classic “computer engineering” courses, applied arts (mechanics, electrical engineering, urban planning, etc.), design and fashion are also taught here. Above all, Italy is also the birthplace of famous fashion designers.

The university program is divided into three main sections:

1. Architecture and design

Architecture and design of buildings and facilities

2. Engineering

In addition to the study of mechanics, electrical engineering, etc., there are other subjects (chemistry, physics, mathematics, biological engineering, etc.). Milan Polytechnic is proud to have the best scientists in this field of knowledge – Faculty, Senior President, F.C. Privy’s mathematics department is named after Nobel Prize-winning polymer researcher and polypropylene JK inventor. Named after Nata.

3. Milano Polytechnic

Is a relatively new field of design studies, while graduates of the School of Industrial and Fashion Design have already been recognized as world leaders in the field.

Italy, the birthplace of the Bologna system, introduced this algorithm to teach and test students at local universities. Therefore, the following principles apply to polytechnic universities:

The bachelor’s degree

takes 3 years, and after graduation, the graduate becomes an engineer, designer, or designer – 60 credits per year and 180 credits for the entire course. The Polytechnic University offers 32 academic programs each year with three examinations: Bachelor of the Future;

Master’s degree programs

2. 1-2 year master’s degree programs are offere for the basic disciplines of the university – architecture, design, and engineering.

Ph.D. Degree

It also takes a year to complete a Ph.D., which is a significant and serious achievement in Europe. Ph.D. specialists guide a wide range of design and international construction firms. Developing Revolutionary Ideas for Urban Planning. Politecnico di Milano Diplomas are highly respecte in the international labor market.

Pedagogy is a practical class and internships are conducte at an in-depth level, with only 55% of first-year students completing their bachelor’s degree on time and 20% completing their master’s degree program on time. The rest continue their education for one or two years to get a diploma.

However, other indicators play a crucial role in this university – 95% of Milan Polytechnic graduates find work within the first six months after graduation and 80% of young professionals work within the first three months of graduation. Is found to Get a certificate. University participation in a prestigious student exchange program that pays for internships at leading European companies or design offices. In addition to the hard work of international students, it is an essential resource for a successful career and a prosperous life.

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