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GIFs for Instagram: How to Post them in 2022

Your ability to create visually appealing content is key to your success on Instagram, especially from a business standpoint. Although it is possible to plan your content, there are no GIFs that can be posted on Instagram. This is despite the popularity of this format on platforms like Facebook and Twitter.

GIFs can increase engagement and views, making them one of the most effective types of content on Instagram. Instagram allows you to post GIFs, but it is not allowed. They will be displayed as static images.

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GIFs are a great way to share your thoughts on Instagram

GIFs have become a popular social media trend. GIFs can be used to provoke spontaneous, humorous, and even hilarious reactions. GIFs can be used to share your Instagram content. They are universal and can increase your interaction with your followers. This is especially important if you want to interact with other Instagram users and become well-known on Instagram.

GIFs can’t be published directly on Instagram. You have a few options that allow you to use this format and increase the reach of your account. Instagram doesn’t allow GIFs, but there are other options. These are some of them:

  • Filmora allows you to convert GIFs into video
  • Use the Giphy app to download GIFs and then transfer them to Instagram.
  • Other applications are also available.
  • We will now go over each of these options.

Wondershare Filmora allows you to convert GIFs

You can create high-quality videos with its many editing tools and functions. Filmora allows you to convert your GIFs into video.

Start the app on your computer and then upload the GIF that you want to share.

You can add music, text, or other effects to your GIF.

After you are done, click Create Video and then choose MP4 to export it. You can save the video directly to your smartphone.

Open it in Instagram and choose the GIF. Next, select the video that you want to post to your Instagram account. To make additional adjustments, you can use Instagram’s editing tools.

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Use the Giphy App to post GIFs on Instagram

First, download the app via the AppStore or Playstore according to your operating system. You can also download the desktop application, but it doesn’t have the same features that the mobile app.

After downloading it: Register. Log in to Facebook with your Facebook account. It is now easier to share GIFs on both Facebook and Instagram. Sign up using your email address to create your password. Once you log in, you will have access the most popular GIFs displayed on the homepage. It also offers a search option that allows you locate GIFs that include the keywords.
You can post the perfect GIF to multiple platforms, including Twitter, Facebook Messenger, Instagram, Messenger, and Messenger. The URL can be copied and pasted.

Click the purple button with an Instagram icon to publish it.

You will be taken to the Instagram app. Here you can choose to post this GIF to either your stories or your profile feed. After you have made your decision, follow the same steps as any other Instagram post.

Other applications

Giphy Cam

This is the best option for people who upload GIFs to Instagram. You can also create an Instagram account. This app is a derivative of Giphy. It allows you to create and record GIFs completely from scratch. It is very easy to use and includes many tools that can be used to make your GIFs even more appealing.


Moment allows you to convert videos and images from your gallery into GIFs. You also have access to filters for augmented realities and speed and cut controls, which give you complete control over what content you upload to your account.

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GIF note

Gif note offers a variety of effects that can enhance the appearance of your GIFs. You can also find music suggestions to pair with your GIF.


This basic tool comes with many options to create and modify GIFs. You can also post directly to Facebook and Insta.


Cooler allows you to access GIFs from your favorite television shows. Cooler will create an account for you that includes GIFs from different scenes, sorted by their popularity. Once you have found the GIF that you are looking for, you can edit it to your satisfaction.


Posto allows you to convert any image into a GIF, and add animation features to make it more attractive. You can also add stickers to images, and share them on different platforms.

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