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Pre School near Me: Welcome to the EXtension Alliance for Better Child Care Database of Hands-On Activities. There are hundreds of ready-to-do, hands-on tasks specifically created to assist children of all age groups in developing, learning, and thriving. These activities can be utilized within the curriculum of classrooms for children or even in home-based childcare facilities for families in Pre School near Me. Parents and grandparents might also enjoy sharing some of the activities with their children at home. Browse or search for the classroom to find what you need to learn about literacy and language and math arts, science and music, social skills, physical movement, etc. You can filter for ideas by age, subject, or abilities learned during the activity.

There are a variety of ways to locate the activities you require:

  • Browse through activities for a look at what is catching your attention
  • Find out about activities for your age group.
  • Find activities according to the type of activity (math art, math sciences, math, etc.)
  • Find actions that are influenced that require the skills you have acquired (reading creative, the ability to think, etc.)

We hope that you will find these games enjoyable and beneficial. If you’re a veteran caregiver or are new to the field, take a look at these suggestions and tailor the activities to meet your requirements.

For More Information

To find out more about how you can support the learning of young children in the early years of child care, go to this eXtension Alliance for Better Child Care section on early Learning and School Readiness and check out the following pieces:

  • Planning Creative Art Activities for Multi-Age Groups
  • Helping Young Children Learn to Love Literacy
  • Learning Science through Exploring Sounds, Smells, and Tastes
  • Using Sensory Activities to Teach Wonder, Investigation, and Discovery

For more ideas about specific activities that you can use in your child care center, check out the Story-Stretching ideas for Child Care databases to discover activities that expand on your favorite children’s stories.

Developmentally Appropriate Ways to Teach Fitness to Young Children in Child Care

It appears that children in a childcare program are constantly moving. You’d think that most children are sufficiently active to stay active; however, recent research shows that today’s children aren’t getting enough exercise. The lack of activity in childhood can cause diabetes and obesity. Physical fitness attitudes develop during the early years, and if overweight and inactivity persist throughout adulthood, you run the risk of developing heart health and elevated blood pressure. If kids can relax with intense exercise, they perform much better during their lives.

This is a reason to incorporate more physical activity within childcare programs. The most effective way to approach fitness for children in the early years is through the development process. As children grow and change and develop, they require various fitness routines. A suitable workout for one age group may not be appropriate for another.

Birth to Age 2

Set up safe spaces within your child care facility where children can be active and discover naturally. Give “tummy time” to young babies. This helps them develop neck muscles and helps get babies ready to crawl. Make sure you have sturdy, stable furniture for children to hold onto while they learn to stand. Begin by playing with toddlers and babies and let them discover what they can achieve. If a ball gets stuck under the table or tabletop, let the child crawl around to grab it herself. She will learn motor skills and feel confident and Content.

Ages 2-5

Children who are part of your program for child care have lots of opportunities to play both outdoors and indoors. Children this age appear to have a lot of energy. However, they are prone to fatigue. A few minutes of exercise that make them breathless at least once a Day is great for their heart.

Make sure the mood is positive. Include enjoyable games and entertainment. Connect the activity with other activities you’re taking part in at childcare: Crawl like caterpillars or climb on top of monkeys as you learn about the creatures. Games such as “duck, duck, goose” are an excellent method to get children moving. Beware of games that require the possibility of winning as well as losing. Young children are susceptible to failure and might not enjoy playing due to the challenge.

Ages 6-8

Running games like catch-the-flag and tag are thrilling and help kids get moving. Children older than this age are now ready to explore sports for teams. The importance of attitude is more significant than performance. A positive attitude will make kids feel more confident in activities and make them more likely to be physically active for the rest of their life. It’s normal for children of any age to be prone to accidents as the motor abilities of children are in development. Don’t make kids fear that they will be hurt by being too cautious. Playing sports is fun and making the Company of friends and letting off steam.

Activity Ideas

Here are some excellent exercises for children to do in child care.


Activities for Strength

  • Climbing
  • Balancing
  • Hanging

Activities for Coordination and Body Awareness

  • Dancing
  • Walking
  • Running
  • Jumping
  • Hopping
  • Skipping
  • Galloping
  • Sliding
  • Leaping
  • Climbing
  • Rolls forward and reverse

Activities for Eye-hand Coordination

  • Catching and throwing, bouncing, and Dribbling. Try soft balls, bean bags, and yarn balls. Try different throwing methods (overhand or underhand) and various types and sizes of balls. Please use large balls for youngsters, and then throw them straight in their laps.
  • Kicking. Balls that are light and lightweight to kick and dribble.

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