Preparation for the Microsoft Azure Fundamental Certification Course

Microsoft Azure is one of the famous and fastest growing cloud computing platforms in this industry. It provides thousands of services along with several different certification courses that will ultimately provide huge opportunities for the candidates to build up their career in this field. So, if you want to start your career in Azure and totally new in this platform. Then it is always suggested to begin everything from the beginning. And start with Azure Fundamental Certifications or AZ-900 Certification course.

Introduction on Azure Fundamental Course

Azure Fundamental Course (AZ-900) is an entry level Cloud certification course for Microsoft Azure. This course will provide knowledge on the fundamental of Cloud Computing. Azure Core Services and little bit of hands on practical experience of working with Azure portal.   The main part of the curriculum is including Core Azure Services, Privacy, Security, Cloud Concepts, Support, Compliance and Trust and Azure Pricing. 

Azure Fundamental Certification course is offering the basic need to build the technical skills as well as the confidence.  Te cloud computing market is proliferating due to the increasing investments of various companies in the technology industry. The certification program has increasing demand in various industries and even at the recruitment level. Professionals with Cloud Skill certified are always in higher demand.    

Overview of Azure Fundamental Course or AZ-900 Certification Course:

It is the basic knowledge for the beginner level which does not need any specific expertise in programming language or Cloud Computing Candidates. Having basic Cloud knowledge can also take AZ-900 exams as your fundamental foundational stone. This exam will help you to fulfill your basic knowledge about Cloud services. And also discover various career opportunities in the developing Cloud Market. 

Preparation Tips for Exam: 

Time management is always crucial and vital parameters for any exam. Participants who are willing to give exam either online or offline. From any institute will be provided countdown timer in the Azure Fundamental Certification exam. However, if you are giving online exam, then it can happen that for certain questions and answers. You may not get the chance to go back and give the answer or correct your wrong answer and make it right. So, the participant must carefully read all instructions before starting the exam.  

Top Study Tips to Successfully Completing the Exam:

Prepare, if you are still working with Azure – It is always suggested that never ever underestimate any kind of exam even if you are working in Azure for a while. Azure Fundamental exam has been designed in such a way so that it would become challenge on itself. So, you may face some questions about which you may not work on before. So, atleast few hours or 1 week of preparation is required to pass the exam in higher grade. 

Learn basic and cloud concept

Learn about the concept first before going to give any practical exam. Azure is cloud based service and understanding cloud computing platform is essential first to achieve this fundamental certificate. In this way, it would be helpful for you to make your career in cloud based programs. And can also able to give any further certification exam in future if you wish. It is also suggested to do practice exam and clear your concept rather than going for direct exam first. This is a classic exam preparation process for memorization.

Learn from Various Sources and Different Teacher

Another great way is to learn from different sources and from more than one teacher. Every instructor has their own concept and they will explain everything in a way according to their knowledge. And concept from where you can take the best one for you. So, if you are looking for Azure trainer, then seek out a couple more options. It is good to take one video tutorial from one source and then make practice test from another source. And again collect notes and blogs from another source. If you are studying online by yourself, then one reference must be the Microsoft website. As it has thorough up-to-date documentation ad information on each topic.   

Don’t Read Too Much or Over-Prepare

Some people always think that studying more and more may increase their knowledge and provide better result in the exam. But as per the experts, not overdo your study because there are lots of information you may want to consume but this Fundamental exam does not need hours after hours to prepare for. Now, if you want to consume all study coursed from every video, then you may spend months for the preparation. In every exam, there is some learning process and value for the material in a quick way and moving on to your next challenge.   

However, to complete the certification course and to clear the AZ-900 exam in the first attempt, only free study material would not be sufficient which are available online. A candidate must required proper suggestion, training and guidance from any certified professionals and experts who can help the candidate to prepare for the exam and pass the exam easily. There are lots of training institutes which offers Microsoft Azure 900 Certification course where a candidate can enroll his or her name to het proper assistance from the experts to crack the exam. 

Benefits of AZ-900 Certification:

Microsoft Azure Fundamentals certification course has huge range opportunities to nurture your future. A candidate holding the AZ-900 certificate is eligible in various job roles including Data Engineer, DevOps Engineer, Backend Developer, Migration Consultant, Data Scientist, Software Engineer and more.  

Candidate having Azure certification can get high salary jobs that are being offered by top employers like Capgemini, genpact, Microsoft, Ernst & Young, Informatica Corporation and more.  

Do I need Practical Experience before giving the Exam?

Some candidates may think that whether they can be able to pass the exam without having any practical experience of working with Microsoft Azure. But as this is a Fundamental exam. So the candidate needs not to have any prior experience of working with Azure to pass the test exam.

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