Quick Tips to Make the Electric Car Charger Installation Effective for You

Congratulations that you purchased the car and now you require the charger! Well, if you are new to the arenas of electric vehicles and charging; don’t worry. This post is going to take you through some quick tips to make the electric car charging installation effective for you.

Of course, you can speak with ev charger manufacturers for any hassles at any time. But it is always wise to have some knowledge and stay informed about certain things.

Calculate the overall load

You need to search out if your electrical system at home actually supports the addition of a car charger. Car chargers need a lot of power.  They are going to take a similar sum of power as your stove but, unlike stoves, car chargers use maximum power as soon as they get plugged in. This can  simply stress your electrical system or worse, even overload it. To avert such a thing from taking place , have your electrician expert do a proper load calculation to settle the power that your home consumes and ensure you have sufficient power to include your charger.

Ensure sufficient space in electrical panel

When you have verified that you have the volume for power, confirm that you have the proper space. In case your electrical panel is complete or it’s an older model, then it could require a change. If it is simply a newer panel space may be in a position to be made relying on brand. An electrician is going to be in a position to tell you after a swift inspection of your panel. When you have confirmed  that your home owns the capacity as well as the space, the rest of installation steps are going to be easy.

Pick the right type of charger

There are mainly three types: Level 1, Level 2 & Fast Chargers (even called Level 3)

Level 1

Level 1 is simply at one hundred twenty V and is the most general way to charge up at your residence. It is because it gets plugged into a 120 Volt regular outlet but may take up to twenty hours to simply charge the battery to full charge.

  • Charges eight km in an hour 
  • Takes twelve to even twenty hours to completely charge a battery EV (six to twelve hours for a plug-in hybrid) 
  • It gets used maximum in homes

Level 2

This level is two hundred forty V charger and need to be professionally installed but is a lot more convenient with quicker charging times, up to five times quicker than a Level 1.

  • Charges thirty km per hour 
  • Eats up six to fourteen hours to fully charge any battery EV (four to eight hours for any plug-in hybrid) 
  • It gets used in residences, businesses, and even common areas 

Level 3 or Fast Chargers

  • Makes use of a direct current connection to any electrical system
  • Gets used mostly in businesses and even common areas
  • Charges one hundred km per thirty minutes or even eighty percent charge at fifty kw (differs by vehicle type)
  • Takes one to four hours to fully charge a battery EV (fifteen minutes to three hours for a plug-in type of hybrid)


To sum up, you can check out ev charger manufacturers india and ensure that you get the chargers that you need.

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