Saudi Arabia in Lebanese PM Statement welcomes ‘positive facts’

Saudi Arabia states it hopes to a sign of lazy tensions, participate in the restoration of Lebanon’s part and status and international steps on the Arab.

Saudi Arabia’s foreign ministry has expressed in a sign it welcomed the positive points in a Statement, that Beirut’s tensions with Gulf Arab countries are easing by Lebanon’s prime minister.

To stop all Lebanon-originated activities, Lebanese Prime Minister Najib Mikati stressed the need in a statement that affects the security and stability of Saudi Arabia and other Gulf Arab countries on Monday.

He counted the Lebanese government as committed, following a phone call with Kuwait’s Foreign Minister Sheikh Ahmad Nasser Al-Mohammad Al-Sabah to strengthen cooperation with Saudi Arabia.

The Saudi ministry stated that it welcomed Mikati’s statement on Tuesday, adding it supposed that it will participate and status on the Arab and international steps to the restoration of Lebanon’s part.

Saudi Arabia and other Gulf countries expelled Lebanese envoys in a diplomatic spat last year that has deepened Lebanon’s economic crisis about the Saudi-led military intervention, following critical comments in Yemen by Lebanon’s legal Information Minister George Kordahi.

Riyadh states the crisis to allow endemic instability with Lebanon had its origins that reinforces the dominance of the Iran-backed Hezbollah armed group in a Lebanese political setup and continues.

Saudi Arabia in aid in Lebanon and its fellow wealthy neighbors, and still host a huge Lebanese diaspora once spent billions of dollars. But the friendship has been strained of the powerful Hezbollah movement in Lebanon for years by the growing influence.

A financial meltdown has slammed the Lebanese currency in the international markets and left most of the population fronting destitution amid soaring item prices. More details

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