Something exciting! Surprise your friends or relatives by online delivery of delicious cakes

You can make someone’s evening happy by online delivery of cakes and other gifts. Thanks to the efforts of OyeGifts, sending cake to different places in India has been made easy. Even if you are not physically present at the venue, your gift will make a difference in terms of emotions for them. If you want to make online cake delivery to people living in Mumbai then this is the correct place. Let us explore some of the exclusive delicious cakes available:

The choco pineapple cake-

This is a unique cake that has pineapple in a different form. The cake is covered with pineapple cream and the outer circle is made of dots of white cream. The Centre of the cake is decorated with chocolates in the form of chocolate coins. Chocolate coins are placed in a vertical position by giving them the support of dots of cream. This is a lovely cake in look as well as taste.

The special pista cream cake-

This is a unique cake that has flavours of pineapple as well as pista cream. The base of the cake is covered by pineapple cream but the outer surface is covered by the pista cream. The Centre of the cake contains a pineapple flavour where cherries are decorated in a circle. This is a delicious cake for people who love to try different flavours.

The birthday photo cake-

This is a chocolate cake where you can upload your photograph or that person’s photograph for whom the cake is being ordered. Along with the photograph, the images of balloons ribbons and decoration is created with the help of different coloured cream. Happy birthday and the name of the person is also mentioned on the cake. This is a special type of cake that you can get customised.

The fruit cake in chocolate-

This is a unique cake that has a chocolate base upon which chocolate syrup is poured. The surface of the cake is decorated with pieces of seasonal fruit such as kiwi, pineapple, apples, grapes, and cherries. The apples are cut into thin long slices and are arranged to give feathery look to the cake. The sides of the cake are decorated with dry fruits.

The red velvet photo cake-

You must have heard about the chocolate photo cake. This is a special photo cake that has the flavour of red velvet. The photograph will be printed on the surface of the cake and the outer circle will be made of the material red velvet. The photograph will be the one that you will provide at the time of placing the order.

The mango cake-

Mangoes are available in the summer season therefore they are loved by people more than any other fruit. This is a special cake that is covered in mango cream and mango syrup. On one side of the cake, round shape chocolate is placed to give a good look. This is a special cake specially designed for elders and kids who love mangoes.

The ‘I love you’ cake-

This is a special chocolate cake that is created in a heart shape. The cake is loaded with chocolate. Upon the surface of the cake the message-I love you, is written in white cream in three lines. This is a special cake which you can give to your partner or best friend. A perfect cake for celebrating special moments with your partner and friends.

There is a variety of cakes available on the online portal. You can place your order by choosing the favourite flavour and texture of the cake. We have cakes in every design and pattern. Ranging from chocolate cakes to fruit cakes different flavours are available.

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