stephane kasriel

Stephane Kasriel is an international leader in the tech industry, known for his success in growing startups and driving innovation. With a background in computer science, engineering, and design, he has established himself as a major player in the business world. Currently, he serves as CEO of Upwork, a company specializing in online freelancing services. Throughout his career, Stephane has been recognized for his entrepreneurial spirit and ability to bring big ideas to life. stephane kasriel

Stephane Kasriel is an entrepreneur and tech industry veteran who has revolutionized the way businesses operate, both in terms of their internal processes and customer experience. With a career spanning over 25 years, Stephane has made his mark as a successful CEO, advisor, angel investor, board member, and mentor. He currently serves as the CEO of Upwork, a global platform for work with over 12 million freelancers and 4 million clients. stephane kasriel

Stephane Kasriel is a French entrepreneur, investor, and innovator in the tech industry. He has had an incredible career thus far, having held several key positions at some of the world’s most successful companies such as Upwork and He is well-known for his passionate advocacy for digital transformation and innovation, inspiring entrepreneurs around the world to make their dreams into reality.

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