The 6 Best Restaurants To Visit In Doha

There are several restaurants in Qatar which serve delicacies from worldwide chefs. If visiting Qatar is on your bucket list, make sure you try a variety of cuisines. Entertain yourself with family dinners, spas, adventures, and shopping sprees. Qatar is a cultural heritage place which reflects Islamic and other cultural aspects in architecture, food, clothes, and several other elements.

6 Best Restaurants To Visit In Doha

If you plan to visit Doha, you must look for rental cars in Qatar. According to the law, their rates are reasonable, and people can roam around the city easily. They provide the best insurance services and offer you amazing car for rentals services. While roaming around the city, you must check out these restaurants for tasty food.

  1. Morimoto
  2. Burj Al Hamam
  3. Al Mourjan
  4. Bander Aden
  5. Al Shurfa Arabic Lounge
  6. Hunters Room & Grill

1.    Morimoto

Morimoto was significantly influenced by a prominent city Nara site. This is an exciting destination to visit for visitors since they will be able to sample the greatest delicacies from Japan’s heartland. Morimoto Doha, for example, has a 16-seat Sushi bar in which the grandeur speaks for itself. In addition, it is the best place to start trying delicious seafood.

2.    Burj Al Hamam

For a variety of reasons, people love Lebanese food. It has been serving Lebanese food for over 50 years. This restaurant also offers a variety of dining options, like vegetarian, halal, and no-veg food, to their guests. You can have gluten-free food, a healthy breakfast, and lunch if you have a certain diet. In addition, the restaurant offers a variety of services to its patrons, including home delivery, takeout, private meals, parking services, complimentary WiFi, fine dining, musical performances, and more.

3.    Al Mourjan

Among the delicious restaurants in Doha, it presents top-quality services worldwide. It has gained recognition due to its dining choices and entertaining aspects. Tourists love to come and taste delicious food. So whether you’re looking for a delicious brunch menu or want to experience the great flavours of various recipes, Al Mourjan offers it all. There is even an exceptional menu, which includes a VIP set dinner that tourists will undoubtedly appreciate. In addition, Al Mourjan Qatar provides tourists with dine-in and drive-through delivery choices.

4.    Bander Aden

Do you want to sample authentic Yemeni cuisine? This is the spot for you, Bander Aden. In fact, when it comes to top specialities, the diner in Doha offers tourists the most appetizing rice, broth, and chicken meals. The restaurant is quite prominent among guests since it is not difficult to find it in Souq Waqif. Locals go to Bander Aden to sample delectable morning snacks and beverages. The restaurant’s pricing is not as expensive as one might assume, making it an excellent choice for budget tourists.

5.    Al Shurfa Arabic Lounge

This lounge and restaurant are located in Souq Waqif. It serves wonderful Continental food to visitors. Offers fine dining and takeout options. Whereas this diner is known for its great decor, it is also known for its attentive staff that goes beyond to provide the most memorable experience. Visitors may get their orders taken out from the restaurant, and they can also make a table arrangement at the restaurant. One may also gain internet service without difficulty while tasting great dishes while taking in the breathtaking sea view.

6.    Hunters Room & Grill

It is in a beautiful Westin Doha Hotel and Spa. It is a prominent place for serving mouth-watering grill food with a classic touch of species. The eatery in Doha is well-known for its distinctive service method and provides top-notch steaks from all over the world, which is very popular with locals and visitors alike.


These dining places are prominent in Qatar among visitors. Therefore, you must visit them for either breakfast, lunch or supper to enjoy their mouth-watering food.

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