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The Pro-Woman Beauty Guide To Opting Out Of The Sexualization Of Women

I love makeup and I love skirts and I love dresses, but I don’t like being sexualized. It’s never a nice feeling when you’re just trying to get some work done at the grocery store and then a man comes up to you and gives you an unsolicited back massage. The world has expectations about what women should look like: that their faces should be shaved clean of all body hair, that they should have on a full face of makeup, that they should wear high heels, tight-fitting clothes, lingerie regardless of whether or not it is needed for any sort of intimate situation.

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My point is this: do what makes you happy! If removing your body hair makes you happy, by all means go for it. But if having thick eyebrows makes you feel more confident about yourself and stops men from trying to touch your butt in the middle of a crowded train station… well… that could be pretty nice too!

Stop shaving or plucking your eyebrows so much.

Eyebrows are another area where women are expected to look a certain way. Some women have naturally thick eyebrows and need to pluck them, but others don’t—and it’s time we started welcoming those who don’t into the conversation about how we feel about ourselves.

If you’re not sure what shape your eyebrows should be, ask an expert for advice or do some research on Pinterest. There are plenty of guides out there that will help you find the perfect brows for your face shape.

As tempting as it may be to tweeze away at any stray hairs that appear above your upper lids, keep in mind that this practice poses potential risks for hair loss and other complications over time. Instead, try using an eyebrow pencil or gel (which both help frame your face). They’ll also give you more control over how much hair comes off at a time; allowing you to make small adjustments instead of going full force all at once like with tweezers or waxing strips!

Stop wearing makeup!

You’re a woman. You don’t need makeup to look your best. You know what looks good on you? Your smile, your laugh, the way you speak and hold yourself with confidence and pride.
Makeup is not a tool to hide behind or make other people feel better about themselves by lowering their standards for your appearance. It’s not supposed to be used as an excuse to act out in ways that are hurtful or harmful.

Makeup isn’t responsible for how much of a jerk someone acts like towards another person; people are responsible for their own actions and words. Make up is there to help women look their best—not make them feel better about themselves or anyone else around them.

Stop wearing high-heeled shoes.

If you’re not a fan of high heels, then this is for you. It’s no secret that the shoes are bad for your feet, but it turns out that they’re also bad for your posture and back, too! If you’re wearing them all day long, you’ll probably end up with back pain. Additionally, wearing heels can lead to problems in your legs and hips because the pressure on one foot can cause the other one to bend abnormally or even curl under itself (eek!).

Also keep in mind that high heels aren’t just bad for your body; they can also make your ankles hurt if they’re thin enough to fit over them without stretching anything out of place too much. When considering whether or not something makes sense within an outfit plan—and whether or not it has any potential drawbacks—I always ask myself “Is there any way this could hurt me?

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