Top 10 Social Media Platforms to Use in 2022

Social media, especially Instagram, has become the primary part of our lives. It is an inevitable element that adds great value to anyone’s life. We have come a long way from the six degrees and myspace era of the internet to today’s era of social media. It is the era where several platforms have fully transformed the world into a global village. While Instagram continues to be the most dynamic, there are many more on the list. You can always improve your reach on Instagram by buying real Instagram followers Uk, buy Instagram likes uk.

Here we will discuss the top 10 social media platforms you can use in 2022 and grow your profile or your business; these are numbered in order of least number of users to the most.

1.      Discord:

With over 150 million monthly users, as we speak, discord has completely transformed the gaming world; it was founded and launched in 2015 but bloomed in the covid days of 2020. It was initially designed as a game-specific platform, but now it has enveloped various niches; there are ‘servers’ on different subjects where like-minded people come and interact, sharing files, media texts, and voice chat on voice channels.

2.      Twitter:

With 330 million users, Twitter has maintained its place on this list for quite some time now. It has become the medium of the official presence of everyone, from world leaders and politicians to your local sports analyst. it has played an undeniable role in amplifying the voice of a commoner – Twitter brings closer communities, and newly added features of spaces males it feasible for people from all parts of the world to come and converse on a topic

3.      Snapchat:

Snapchat is your local trendy internet girl’s pal. It was originally a media sharing platform with its USB being that any piece of media or text, once viewed, disappears. This media was a revolutionary concept. The amazing filters are very fun and trendy and have made their way into every person’s phone

4.      Reddit:

This has been around for quite some time now. Reddit is a conventional social media platform providing a stage for people of common interests to socialize in subreddits that are communities devoted to a specific interest. Reddit also allows you to browse the app as a guest. You can open Reddit and be adequately educated about anything. The potential this platform has is truly amazing.

5.      Pinterest:

Perhaps the best way to explain Pinterest to a layman would be “a virtual scrapbook”, here you get to create and modify your boards with as many posts, articles media that you’d like, boards are an assortment of several pieces of media, and you can have several boards dedicated to different purposes.

6.      LinkedIn:

LinkedIn is a platform one of its kind, it is the earliest developed platform (2003), and its differentiator lies in it being solely about formal use. People upload their CVs on the app, connect with other people from their workstream, or look for work or jobs. Now, updates have been made to allow users to have video-based education on any subject in exchange for a certain monthly amount.

7.      TikTok:

TikTok is the talk of the town. This came in 2018 as a modified form of the already existing platform TikTok came. It saw. It conquered. And this was possible because the creators made use of the fact that bite-sized 60-second content was a new attraction, the attention span has been becoming shorter with time, and this app owes its success to this very fact. This app has produced people who had overnight success -due to the instant gratification this offers to the users.

8.      Instagram:

How can one talk about social media and omit IG in the conversation? This media sharing app has completely transformed the world we live in; it is a go-to place for celebrities and lifestyle-related personalities in addition to photographers. Users are crazy about increasing their followers. You can buy real Instagram followers uk or Instagram likes uk in addition to Instagram views uk

9.      YouTube

Found in 2005, YouTube had the first-mover advantage as it was the only platform specializing in video-based content. Today it has become a hub for all video creators and is even a source of income for many; with a powerful search engine, there is almost no ‘how to’ video not available on the app in addition to academic content.

10. Facebook:

The ultimate godfather of all social media with an insane 1.96 billion users, needs no introduction unless you’ve been living under a rock. This allows users to post ‘what’s on your mind’ in text or media. Lately, it has become a marketplace and allows brands to have their social presence and reach millions through pages.

The knowledge of social media is essential for day-to-day life, and if you were unaware, we certainly have made sure that’s not the case by the end of this article!!

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