Top Five Foreign Cricketers With the Most Runs in the IPL

Since its inception in 2008, cricket players from all over the world have traveled to India to take part in the Indian Premier League (IPL), which is widely regarded as the most prestigious Twenty20 tournament held anywhere in the world. Players from all over the world sign up to take part in the Indian Premier League (IPL) in the hopes of becoming well-known and earning a substantial amount of money.

Because of how brilliantly they competed, several athletes have etched their names into the annals of the history of their respective sports. According to ipl breaking news, Indian players dominate the list of players with the most runs scored in the history of the Indian Premier League, with Virat Kohli at the front of the pack but we will be discussing about foreign players.

  •  Kieron Pollard: 3412 runs (171 innings) –

Since he has played for the Mumbai Indians since the league started in 2010, he is one of the few players to have stayed with the same team for their entire IPL careers. Kieron Pollard has been a member of the Mumbai Indians for the past 13 years. In that time, he has scored more than 3000 runs and taken 69 wickets. Besides that, he was on the team during all five of the years that they won the championship.

In 2021, when MI was playing CSK, one of their biggest rivals, Pollard hit 87 not out to win the game for MI. He has 16 half-centuries in his career and a strike rate of 147.

  • Shane Watson 3874 runs (141 innings) –

The Australian all-star is now in fourth place on this list. Watson was the most sought-after player when he was at the top of his game because he was so good with both the bat and the ball. The Rajasthan Royals were his first team in the Indian Premier League (IPL), but he later played for the RCB for a few seasons. Watson played for the Chennai Super Kings team for his last three years, from 2018 to 2020.

Watson’s career strike rate in the IPL is 137.91, and he scored 117 runs without being out against SRH. He has scored runs at a rate that puts him in the top five of all time when batting against SRH. Watson was a key part of CSK’s run to the title in both the 2018 and 2019 Indian Premier Leagues.

  • Chris Gayle 4965 runs (141 innings) –

He is without a shadow of a doubt one of the most talented players in the history of Twenty-Twenty. It is common knowledge that the sight of Christopher Henry Gayle at the crease is the tensest moment that may occur in the game of cricket. Gayle has moved up to the third spot on the list of international players with the most runs scored in the annals of the Indian Premier League. Gayle has scored the most sixes and the most hundreds in the history of the Indian Premier League, and he currently retains both of those records (IPL). The present master of the universe is not a player for any of the Indian Premier League teams at this time. This is true as of right now.

Throughout his career in the Indian Premier League (IPL), Chris Gayle has had a strike rate of 148.96 runs per hundred balls faced. He currently holds the record for the greatest score ever achieved by a single player in a Twenty20 match. This was done in competition with the Pune Warriors of India. If he maintains his easygoing demeanor, he has the potential to be quite the showman at the plate.

  • AB de Villiers 5162 runs (170 innings) –

Everyone agrees that the well-known batsman from South Africa was the most courageous player in the history of the game. De Villiers became the international player with the second-most runs in the annals of the Indian Premier League while he was playing for RCB. This accomplishment places him in second place for all-time. AB De Villiers has the highest strike rate of any player in the Indian Premier League who has scored more than 3,000 runs. This distinction is his for the taking. His strike rate is 151.68. During his match against the Mumbai Indians, De Villiers established a new record for the Indian Premier League by reaching 133 runs without being dismissed.

De Villiers has earned the nickname “MR. 360” because he can score runs from wherever on the pitch. It is generally agreed upon that he is one of the most all-around batsmen to have ever played the game in this modern era.

  • David Warner 5881 runs (162 innings) –

Warner leads all other international players in the Indian Premier League in terms of the number of runs he has scored. Warner holds the record for the highest batting average of any player in the IPL who has scored more than 5,000 runs. In addition, no other player throughout the history of the Indian Premier League has scored more half-centuries than the Australian has scored in his career. The fact that he has scored 54 half-centuries places him at the top of the all-time list.

Warner has been a member of both the Delhi Capitals and the Sunrisers Hyderabad in the Indian Premier League. He has more than ten years of professional experience. You can have a look at David Warner’s individual IPL statistics as well as the statistics for his squad right here.

  • Conclusion –

The southpaw has a career strike rate of 140.69 in the Indian Premier League, and his greatest score in the league was 126 against KKR. In addition, southpaw’s highest score in the competition was against KKR. Following the completion of his ban, he was allowed to compete in international cricket once more. Since then, he has maintained an excellent level of fitness, particularly with the white ball. Warner guided SRH to win over RCB in the championship game of the 2016 edition of the Indian Premier League. Now that he plays for Delhi Capitals, he is a major danger to the average number of runs that Virat Kohli has been putting up.

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