TV concerts

Every day, most of us eye a plethora of TV concerts and read numerous news reports or standings over social media concerning the current political position; and how it is growing. The mess we are participating in and the uncertainty that arrives with it is; something like reading a tense novel and waiting for it to attain the end. We even do not understand; what will happen if Imran Khan will; be eradicated; as prime minister or if the contrary PTI partners who are being; expressed more and more openly will fix his fate.

This is the focus of the news, but amidst all the political hype, on every medium that we understand well for reasons, there is the genuine news that goes mainly unreported and effectively unheard of. A man was butchered inside a marriage hall by a band n Wednesday, allegedly for choosing sacks. People resumed eating as the body fibbed there. We heard the tale of a young man who varnished himself because his business had been eradicated to the ground in Lahore, at a plaza, in the city as the result of a fire. We could only be stunned by what he went through and what security net lives for individuals like him.

There is also another; report that comes sporadically of children opposing off starvation, notably charitable ones at hospitals, and of people who in some casuals struggle to secure them. But in a condition that anoints itself a new Pakistan, why should juveniles be bearing this concern, and why should families be so hopeless for any kind; of assistance that can deter their end. More details

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