Types of Custom Damascus Knives That Exist

Choosing a Custom Damascus knives can be the easiest task in the world when cooking something; however, the reality is that there is a wide variety of kitchen knives and each one has its characteristics, functions, and tasks. How many guys do you know? 

1. Damascus Paring knife 

It is one of the most-used knives in the kitchen thanks to its thin and sharp profile. It is small in size and is used to peel the skin of vegetables or fruits, as well as to make small and minute cuts. 

2. Damascus chef’s knife

As its name suggests, this knife is a must-have for every chef or cook. Its dynamic figure is often used in functions such as chopping vegetables and fruits, as well as for chopping fish or pieces of meat. 

3. Damascus fillet knife 

This knife is characterized by the length of its blade and is used to fillet or cut slices of meat in a proportional and controlled manner. It is usually used to cut all kinds of meat such as fish, beef, chicken, and pork. 

4. Damascus Pestle knife 

It has a curved and thin blade that helps to separate or remove bones or cartilage from a piece of meat. It is usually very useful when chopping or “cleaning” chicken meat. 

5. Damascus Ham knife 

As its name suggests, this type of knife is used exclusively to cut ham and large pieces of meat. It has a very sharp tip that is used to obtain accuracy in the fish markets. 

6. Damascus salmon knife 

Like the previous one, this knife is made to treat salmon meat. It has a sharp and rounded blade that can also be used for other foods such as carpaccio. 

7. Damascus Serrated or bread knife 

It is one of the most characteristic kitchen knives due to the shape of its blade. It has a serrated or striped edge that makes it easy to cut the crust of the bread without deforming or damaging it. 

8. Damascus Santoku knife 

The santoku is the Japanese chef’s kitchen knife. Its thin and long blade is used to cut, chop or chop an endless number of ingredients such as vegetables and fish. 

9. Damascus Cheese knife 

It is a knife specialized in the delicate cutting of almost any type of cheese. This knife also maintains the consistency of the cheese without altering its shape. 

10. Damascus Kitchen-axe 

It is one of the largest knives in the kitchen and is characterized by its rectangular and thick blade. It is used to cut large pieces of meat or bone. 

11. Damascus Tomato knife 

It is a type of knife that has a sharp and serrated blade. Helps cut tomatoes and other smooth-skinned vegetables or fruits. Its shape is ideal for cutting perfect and uniform slices. 

12. Damascus butter knife 

The butter knife features a paddle-shaped blade and a rounded tip. It does not have a sharp edge, since it is used to spread butter and other types of creamy foods.

How many types of Damascus chef knives are there? 

Chefs or professional kitchen knives are essential if you want to ensure the success of a specialized preparation.

1. Damascus chef’s knife

Thanks to its blade of around 20 centimeters, the chef’s knife is one of the most versatile and multifunctional in the kitchen.

2. Damascus Kitchen-axe

Its large size makes it ideal for cutting or slicing large portions of all types of meat. Its shape and sharp blade also make it capable of cutting through bone.

3. Damascus filleting knife

For every chef, a filleting knife should never be lacking due to its great qualities for slicing a large number of meats in a precise and detailed way.

4. Damascus santoku knife

Although it is an essential piece of Asian cuisine, the santoku has become a great ally of every chef. Its wide, thin, and wide blade makes it ideal for cutting, chopping, and peeling.

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