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Valant EHR vs. NextGen EHR – Features and Benefits

Valant EHR vs. NextGen EHR – Overview

About Valant EHR

Valant Clinical Solutions is a company that specializes in digital health record solutions for behavioral health professionals. Psychiatrists, therapists, and group behavioral health practices can all benefit from the Valant Behavioral Health EHR. Scheduling, HIPAA-compliant recordkeeping, and automated appointment reminders are among the features of Valant Behavioral Health EHR.

The Valant Behavioral Health EHR was created specifically for behavioral health professionals to use. Valant Behavioral Health EHR, unlike other digital health record solutions, does not require the use of unique templates because the entire program was designed with mental health providers in mind. Valant Behavioral Health EHR is a web-based behavioral health practice management system. This makes it perfect for solo professionals and multi-provider practices. To know Valant EHR pricing or Valant EHR reviews, you can schedule a Valant EHR demo.

About NextGen EHR

NextGen EMR was formed in 1998 by health experts who shared a common goal: to increase the efficiency of healthcare office operations. The company’s founders created a solution to support doctor and staff process automation with simple, cost-effective technology. This adjusts to each facility’s unique work process and is accessible from anywhere.

The system provides MIPS reporting and dashboards, streamlines insurance eligibility. It allows clients to book appointments, request refills and telehealth meetings, and connects the care team via instant messengers and referral exchange. Suppliers can enter interaction notes directly into clinical documentation using software that allows them to touch, talk, or type them. To know NextGen EHR pricing, you can schedule a NextGen EHR demo.

Top Valant EHR Features

Medical BillingĀ 

With Valant’s billing function, you can modify your billing and recover outstanding balances faster. Valant’s fully integrated system eliminates needless actions from the billing process. It is helpful in making it as simple as possible to manage your payments. Don’t waste time physically creating bills when you use Valant software; when facilities are scheduled, a billing element is instantly generated. All you have to do now is give your approval.

Valant’s integration with two insurance clearinghouses gives you quick access to a variety of insurance providers, allowing you to serve a more extensive patient base, and our system’s flexibility will enable you to create EDIs with other payers. Valant’s billing system was created by people who have worked in the mental health field. They were tasked with creating “the ideal billing situation” for mental health providers. So they developed a program that anticipates your needs, detects errors, and streamlines the process with strong integration functionalities. It’s a no-nonsense, no-fuss system that’s simple to grasp.

Scheduling Capabilities

Keeping track of your clinical notes can be difficult, and no company wants to constrain the process. With a clear red/yellow/green indicator, Valant’s scheduler offers undeniable exposure to unregistered consultations and incomplete or unsigned charts. These visual elements help you keep track of your paperwork and hold yourself or your group accountable for finishing it on time. To minimize clutter and schedule intakes more rapidly, create and store multiple customized HIPAA-compliant views. Search for available providers, book one-time or repetitive individual and group consultations and assign free or busy time slots.

Patient Portal

Valant’s integrated client portal is a strong platform that helps you provide the best encounter for your patients while also saving you time in the office. In an attempt to have a stake in their enhanced outcomes, clients must feel respected and treated as partners. Valant’s integrated patient portal boosts engagement and client satisfaction, which can help your clients take better care of themselves and stick to their treatment plans.

NextGen EHR Features


A distinguishing feature of next-generation EMR software is interoperability. It allows the program to communicate with other programs and generate data. They’re removing the previous illness from other doctors, for example. It creates a network in which different health suppliers can communicate with one another.

Electronic prescriptions

You save time with digital prescribing! Finding a physician at the hospital is no longer necessary. It is also not essential for the doctor to physically write a prescription; this can be accomplished with just a single tap on the screen, which is an advantage of using Nextgen EMR software.

Mobile solutions

With access from any internet-enabled device, you can simplify processes and clinical notes for greater efficiency.


Payment processing partners make it simple for patients to interact and make payments. Virtual visits, third-party invitations, and hub-and-support functionality are all available.

Valant EHR Benefits

  • Valant’s features and workflows are designed for outpatient behavioral health practices. It provide services ranging from treatment plans and psychotherapy to group counseling, both in-person and online.
  • Valant’s data model is elastic and scalable, allowing clinicians and practitioners to collect and visualize data, extract actionable insights, and securely store data.
  • Users can create thorough clinical notes on digital devices, and the software keeps track of updates and outcomes in a summarised format.
  • By pre-populating medical notes with data from other recordkeeping such as clients, portals, charts, and calendars, the tool enables improved efficiency by lowering duplication and saving time.

NextGen EHR Benefits

  • NextGen Ambulatory EHR is a single-source application that will enable users to access all medical and organizational client information quickly and easily.
  • When physicians hover over a patient’s record in NextGen Ambulatory EHR, cheat sheets appear, providing a quick overview of the patient’s history.
  • Users can work more efficiently by dragging and dropping fields instead of clicking and scrolling through large amounts of data.
  • Users can customize the organization of medical records with tab configuration by specialty, practice, provider, and visit type in NextGen Ambulatory EHR.

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