What Is Android Root PC?

Android Rooting is the kind of the way you have the ability to access where you can not modify the inner features of the Android system. If you are looking at the best Android Root PC, Root Genius comes as the best one-click rooting tool for Android devices. You can download this Root Software on your Windows device to gain all the administrator powers to the Android devices. So, this is the best tool to Root Android With PC Free Download and enables the way to modify the system of Android through the Windows PC. By reading this article, you can learn many things about rooting, and also you can find out the best ways to Android Root PC For Free.

Rooting Android

Actually, what is that rooting? Okay, Nothing to worry about, Rooting is an awesome task that can be performed on Android smartphones, phablets, and tablets. That means, it allows gaining the admin powers of the system by bypassing the manufacturer restrictions and it comes as the problem solver to all the Android devices as it allows you to customize the performance of the device in numerous ways. vRoot, Kingoroot, Kingroot, iRoot, and more are the most popular rooting tools in the market. Thus many of them prefer the one-click rooting tools.

Review of the Android Root PC

Android Root PC Software is completely different from other rooting tools. If you are the most interesting fan of the Android rooting world, Root Genius PC Download offers the easiest and fastest Android rooting experience for almost all Android devices via the Windows PC. Millions of people love to take the best features of their Androids. So that they suggest rooting their device and experiencing the best customization and performance in the Androids. So, Root Genius App is the best one-click rooting application currently in the Rooting app market. If you are a Windows PC and Android device user, just try to  Root Genius PC Download, and then you will be amazed by the beneficial results. 

If you are not satisfied with the given features on your Android smart device, you will try to get root access to your Androids. So, Root Genius is a specially developed rooting app that assists you in rooting an Android device. This amazing app is a one-click rooting application that only requires a single click on the Root button to root the whole device. 

Don’t worry, Root Genius App is available in both APK and PC versions. Therefore, you can root access your Android with the PC version and it can be used to get the root access via a Windows computer. This tool supports almost all Android devices from Samsung, HTC, Sony, LG, and Google Nexus. Indeed, This tool is a wonderful rooting application because it has a special ability to root the device by using just a one-click. So, you can make the rooting process easier. Trust, it is a proper rooting tool that would be of much use for safer rooting. 

Why do we need Root Android With PC Free Download?

Rooting is a special facility that you can earn if you are an Android device user. The Chinese developing team Shuame was the developer of this smart rooting tool and Root_Genius_v3.1.7 is the latest version of its series with the highest edition that users are capable of requesting. 

Also, it is Windows support that should compile a PC in order to settle the application. Using the Root Genius PC version, you can root Android 7.0 to Android 12 OS running Android devices as well with its newest updates. 

The Root Genius can be installed through a PC, but you can also download the APK straight to the phone through its Android version. Anyway, Android Root PC Software is 100% safe and the easiest or fastest one-click app to root your Android. Just a few simple steps can get you a rooted device within minutes. Further, This tool is a Free tool, and install it on your Android device, click to root and voila, it is done.

Requirements you need to get Android Root PC Free 

  • Your Windows PC should be Windows XP, Vista, 7 or 8, 8.1,10, and 11. 
  • The device should have at least 70% of battery life.
  • Need a strong internet connection.
  • Use the original USB cable that comes to your Android device.
  • Enable the USB debugging mode of your Android device.

How to Root Genius PC Download?

Now you know that Root Genius comes on a Windows-based PC and it is a good rooting app with Android Root. With the help of the Root Genius App, you have the power to root access on your Android without any trouble. First of all, you must collect the above-mentioned requirements before you root your Android device with This tool. 

  1. Download the latest Root Genius PC version from the official site Android Root PC link here.
  2. Double-click on the app icon of the Root Genius PC will appear on your Windows-based PC desktop to launch it.
  3. Connect your Android device to the Windows computer via a proper USB cable.
  4. Enable the USB Debugging Mode from the device settings.
  5. Root Genius will automatically install the necessary drivers and then wait a little bit until it identifies your Android smart device.
  6. Then click on the root button to start the rooting process on your Android device. It will take some time for the rooting to be complete.
  7. In the end, it will successfully completed, it provides an ability to personalize your device without any issue.


Rooting reveals the true power of an Android device. Do you have an Android smartphone or tablet device? And if you want to try rooting your device? Then all you have to do is Root Genius PC Download. No doubt, it is an Android Root PC and runs the tool via Windows PC to get root access to your Android device with just one click.

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