What is the best combat knife?

Tactical knives provide you the beef and substance you need to get things done no matter what the situation, whether you’re the type of person who abuses their gear, an active duty combat operator, or a local law enforcement officer. The appropriate equipment can make all the difference in tactical scenarios. These top seven tactical knives include models from Spyderco, Protech, Benchmade, and more!

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1. Claymore made it on a bench:

The unstoppable Benchmade Claymore, a more recent automatic in the Benchmade family that can only be described as “explosive,” comes in first on our list. This is one of those knives that serves as a good reminder of the value of sliding safety because the automatic motion is potent enough to throw the knife out of your hand if you’re not prepared. The “Front Toward Enemy” warning might also be used with this Claymore. Additionally, the Claymore features powdered D2 steel for even greater wear resistance and toughness than standard D2, giving you a knife that can be quickly opened and handle the most difficult tasks.

  • The blade has a 3.60″ CPM D2 drop point.
  • Weatherproof grip made of gravity.
  • Weight: 3.87 oz.
  • American made.

2. Boker Strike:

The Boker Plus Strike automatic knife is a well-made folder with a sturdy drop-point blade and aluminum handle scales. This knife will not let you down if you put it to use. The Strike is a knife that, unlike many autos at this price, has dependable automatic action that always snaps into place. It also comes in every color and configuration imaginable, including a model that is California-legal. The Boker Strike offers incredible value since it combines a fantastic automatic knife with a safety sliding lock for safe carrying.

  • AUS-8 drop point blade, 3.25″ long.
  • Strong yet lightweight metal handle.
  • Weight: 4.79 oz.
  • produced in Taiwan.

3. Spyderco Yojimbo 2:

Michael Janich created the Yojimbo 2 to be the ideal tactical combat knife. The blade’s aggressive point is perfect for stabbing strikes and gives maximum cutting power from heel to tip. Numerous tactical grip configurations are compatible with the ergonomic handle. But the Yojimbo 2 is also a superior box cutter and paper shredder if you’re like most knife users. Deal with workplace barriers and combat situations with a knife that seems like an extension of you!

  • CPM-S30V Wharncliffe Blade, 3.125″.
  • The G-10 Handle.
  • 4 oz. in weight
  • American made.

4. Civil Orthrus:

The CIVIVI Orthrus is a two-headed monster knife that may be used in a variety of grip configurations depending on the circumstance. The Orthrus is a capable cutter with a forward grip. The Orthrus transforms into a curved, combat-ready karambit with a reverse grip and a button press. The versatility of this knife also multiplies thanks to its two sharpened edges—one plain and one serrated. With the addition of the robust, corrosion-resistant Nitro-V steel structure, the Orthrus is now your finest option for daily usage or in battle situations.

  • The blade is a 3.76″ Nitro-V with a plain and serrated edge.
  • G-10 handle scales in black.
  • Weight: 4.87 oz.
  • blade position that can be altered.

5. Gerber StrongArm:

The Gerber StrongArm is a robust, no-nonsense tactical fixed blade that was built around the fundamentals of military training. Although its full tang 420HC blade isn’t the most spectacular among blade steels, it serves its purpose. The blade keeps an acceptable edge, is simple to sharpen and maintain, and is quite durable. The StrongArm has a tough rubberized grip as well as includes a polymer sheath that is MOLLE compatible and has a special, high-retention design as standard equipment. The StrongArm is an unbeatable workhorse when it comes to price.

  • 420 drop point blade, 4.875″.
  • Rubberized handle that is grippy.
  • Weight: 7.10 oz.
  • American made.

6. SOG Seal XR:

The SOG Seal XR flipper knife upholds this history with bombproof construction and locking. It is the folding variant of their robust Seal fixed blade. The AXIS lock from SOG is capable of withstanding 1,000 pounds of force and offers performance comparable to fixed blade blades in a more portable package. Despite being the epitome of “overbuilt,” the Seal XR is fidgety and a tonne of fun to use. This knife is a powerful folder for when your daily activities are more demanding than what your current EDC can manage while being a touch bigger and beefier than most EDCs.

  • S35VN clip point blade, 3.90″ CPM.
  • Glass-breaking GRN handles that are weatherproof.
  • Weight: 8.10 oz.
  • American made.

7. Microtech Ultratech II:

The Microtech Ultratech currently rules the tactical OTF kingdom and isn’t going to be overthrown anytime soon. Thanks to its precise fit and finish, use of premium materials for great performance, and Microtech’s renowned quality control rigor, the Ultratech reinvented out-the-front automatics. The Ultratech features nearly no blade play in its locked position, compared to the little amount of blade play typical of most knives of its sort. This knife is reliable as well as entertaining to engage and retract because of the fast-firing action, which never fails. For a genuinely distinctive OTF experience, the Ultratech combines style and performance.

  • Variously styled premium steel blade measuring 3.50″.
  • Handle made of anodized metal in your preferred texture.
  • Weight: 3.10 oz.
  • American made.

8. Emerson Kershaw CQC-6K:

The Emerson Wave Shaped Feature must be mentioned when talking about tactical knives. This unique opener is found on the Kershaw CQC-6K. It easily slides into the pocket of your trousers or kit yet catches on your pocket when you take it out, launching your blade more quickly than other automatic springs can. A millisecond’s change in deployment time can make all the difference in tactical scenarios. The CQC-6K is similarly reasonably priced without sacrificing construction quality; it has a durable blade made of D2 steel and a grip made of textured G-10 that works in any condition.

  • D2 steel drop point blade, 3.25″ long.
  • Scale over a steel frame with a G-10 handle.
  • Weight: 5.10 oz.
  • Thumb disc openers, such as the Emerson Wave Feature.

9. LE. One by LionSteel:

The LionSteel L.E.One, another knife with the patented Emerson Wave Shaped Feature opening, is a distinctive take on the folding karambit. The L.E.One has an entire aluminum frame, which highlights LionSteel’s design skills and adds a level of lightweight strength to the whole build. Additionally, this knife comes in a variety of hues, demonstrating that tactical doesn’t always have to be (olive) dull and simple. The blade of this karambit is composed of MagnaCut, which has possibly the best all-around performance available right now. The LionSteel L.E.One is a fresh face in the knife zeitgeist and a likely competitor for the finest tactical knife!

  • 3.25” CPM Hawkbill blade made of MagnaCut.
  • integrally framed in anodized aluminum.
  • Weight: 4.80 oz.
  • Italian made.

10. SRK Cold Steel:

The Cold Steel SRK is a sturdy fixed blade used by the military, police, search-and-rescue teams, and survivalists all around the world. It was created as a one-stop shop if you need one. Because of its thick blade, it can chop without surrendering its ability to slice thanks to its strength. Any cutting task you have will be handled by the SRK’s blade. The handle is composed of rubberized Kray-Ex, which offers a safe, non-slip grip even while wearing gloves, whether it’s wet, or under any other circumstance. Wherever you might need a knife, the snap-fit sheath can be attached to a belt, vest, bag, or a variety of other places.

  • Strong clip point on a 6″ SK5 high carbon blade.
  • Textured black Kray-Ex handle with finger protector.
  • 8.2 oz. weight.
  • produced in Taiwan.

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