What Part-Time Jobs You Can Get As A College Student

College time is the golden period of earning and learning at the same time. It enables you to pay your bills, fund weekend outings, and build your resume. Also, you can get some extra spending money on hand.

With so much free time, college students can easily find part-time jobs on the side to make some extra cash. Whether it’s providing cheap law assignment help for junior law students or working as a delivery guy for a local restaurant, there are plenty of part-time job options you can get as a college student.

Furthermore, a part-time job isn’t only a good way to get that cash, having one also looks great on your resume once you graduate. With that in mind, we have provided some ideas for students who are looking for part-time jobs or even full-time jobs while they are in college.

15 Part-Time Jobs For Students

Here are the 15 best part-time jobs you can get as a student that will not hinder your studies or mental peace.

1.   Research Assistant

If you’ve got a passion for science, research assistant jobs may be right up your alley. Research assistants are usually students employed by universities and other academic institutions to help professors conduct their research.

You’ll likely be assigned specific projects, such as data collection or analysis, and then gather information based on those projects. If you’re hired as an assistant in a lab, you might get a chance of helping scientists run experiments or test drug compounds.

But if you work for a company or organization outside of the university system, your tasks might include gathering information about current trends in market research or compiling publications from different sources into something more cohesive.

2.   Library Assistant

These jobs are the most common and easiest to find. You can find these jobs at libraries, schools, colleges, and universities. You will be responsible for several tasks including shelving books, processing new books, helping students with research materials, etc.

These jobs often require minimal experience and training so they are great for anyone looking to find a part-time job with zero technical skills.

3.   Become A Tutor

Tutoring is a wonderful way to earn money on the side. It can also help you practice your learning in a supportive environment. You can tutor in all sorts of subject areas, from math and science to history, writing, and more.

Online tutors are also an option if you’re not able to meet with students face-to-face in person. If this is your preferred method of teaching, you have to make sure that your home has good Wi-Fi. So your students won’t get frustrated by slow internet speeds or dropped connections.

4.   Part-Time Food Server

The most common jobs in the restaurant industry, including waiting tables and bartending, are perfect for college students looking to earn some extra cash. You’ll need to have a flexible schedule and be willing to work at night, on weekends, and on holidays.

You can apply to restaurants in your area if you want a part-time job as a server. Also, You can ask a friend or family member who works in the industry for a recommendation.

5.   Writing For Magazine Or Newspaper

Writing for magazines and newspapers is also a great way to make money while you’re in college.

If you have a passion for writing and are interested in pursuing a career in the field, this is an excellent way to gain experience during your free time. You can get paid per word or by article, depending on the publication rules and regulations.

6.   Freelance Writer

If you have a knack for writing, providing your writing services as a freelancer is a great option for you. You can earn money for each article and write about anything from arts and entertainment to business and finance.

The best part? It’s flexible so you can fit your schedule around school or internships. Here are some tips on how to make the most of this job opportunity:

  • Write About What You Know:

If you majored in English or Communications, choose topics related to those fields like entertainment news or food reviews. If your major was finance or Business Management, write about finance solutions for small businesses. No matter what field of study interests you most there will be plenty of opportunities available.

  • Write Original Content:

Before submitting anything, be sure it’s unique content. Good writers never copy other people’s work. They always do their research first and then write in their own words.

7.   Data Entry Job

Data entry jobs are common, easy to get, and can be done from anywhere. They’re good for students who need online part-time income but don’t want to spend too much time at their computers.

Data entry jobs are also a good option for people who aren’t great at typing or using the computer. This is because there’s no need for you to write articles or perform technical tasks. You just have to type in what you see on the screen.

8.   Tour Guide

Becoming a tour guide is one of the easiest jobs to get as a college student. In fact, getting your tour guide license could be done in one weekend. Once you have your license, there are many places where you can work:

  • Tour company
  • Museum (these often require experience)
  • Historic site
  • Cultural center
  • Historical Society (you may need an education background).

9.   Social Media Marketing And Brand Promotion

Social media marketing and Brand promotion are two of the best ways to make money as a student. You can get paid to promote products on social media and write reviews about products and services.

The idea behind social media marketing is that you are helping companies reach their target audiences by sharing information online. If you have an active presence on social media, then it’s likely that you already have friends who will see your content when they log into their accounts. That means that the content you create has a chance of being seen by more than just the people who follow your accounts directly.

10.  Sell Your Art

Selling art can also be a great way to earn money as a college student. The following are some examples of how you can sell your art:

  • Online marketplaces like Etsy and eBay where people will purchase your work online.
  • At local art shows or markets in your area.
  • To businesses who want to decorate their office with original pieces of art by local artists.
  • Collectors who want one-of-a-kind artwork for their home collection.

11.  Delivery Services

If you’re looking for a part-time job with flexibility and freedom, delivery services are an excellent option. The rise of online shopping has made these gigs increasingly popular, as companies seek to keep consumers from having to wait at home for their packages.

You can provide your delivery services of bringing items straight from the store to customers’ doors in as little as an hour. This is one of the fastest-growing industries right now. Plus, you can do this job at your own time pace.

12. Virtual Assistant

If you’re looking for a job that can be completed remotely, a virtual assistant is an option. Virtual assistants help with administrative tasks like scheduling meetings and making travel arrangements for clients. They work from home and can work with multiple clients at once, so you won’t have to work exclusively for one person.

Virtual assistants are usually paid an hourly rate or per-project fee. But they may also have to work at odd hours when their clients are unavailable (like in the middle of the day or late at night).

13. Website Development 

If you have the skills to build websites and perform digital marketing activities, you can find a part-time freelance job that allows you to work from home. Freelance jobs are easy to find on Upwork or Fiverr. These sites make it easy for freelancers to connect with clients who need their services (and vice versa).

You will be able to set up as many freelance gigs as possible while balancing school work. There’s no office where they can track how many hours per week each employee worked. This means no boss breathing down your neck about being late or taking off early without permission.

But if working at home is not suitable for you, you can find a part-time job at a nearby company based on your skills. Make sure they pay well and give flexibility in terms of hours and days.

14. Become A Transcriber

Transcribing is a great way to make money as a student. You can work from anywhere that has internet access, including your own home or at a coffee shop.

If you are not good enough at transcribing, some companies are offering training programs as well. You can also start working on these companies after getting training from them.

15. College Radio Jogi

If you’re majoring in communications or journalism at your university, applying for part-time work at the college radio station is an excellent way to gain hands-on experience while still being able to focus on schoolwork.

It’s a great place to start if you’re interested in working in the media industry. You can get your foot in the door and learn about what goes into a successful show. From writing scripts and reading news or other segments to hosting shows yourself.

You’ll also get some experience with writing jingles and advertisements for the station. This is a great way to practice for your future career as a radio personality or voice actor.

The pay won’t be much but it’s better than nothing. Just remember that this job might require more hours than expected due to unforeseen circumstances (like having meetings scheduled after hours).


We hope that you’ll find this guide useful in your search for a part-time job. It’s important to keep an open mind about your options because the variety of jobs available on the market can surprise you. You should also keep in mind that sometimes these jobs won’t pay as well or be as prestigious as other types of work. But if they’re flexible and allow you to pursue activities outside of work that interest or help you grow as a person, it may make them worth considering anyway.

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