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(Z)Digital TrailBlazer Lead Generation Campaign

In today’s technologically driven world, potential customers want to be able to “shop” online and compare prices. In order to make it easy for them, you need a company that can design a website that meets both your needs and theirs. That is where we come in! With our Digital TrailBlazer Lead Generation Campaign, you will have the opportunity of reaching more leads than ever before simply by having an online presence. In this case Tiktokstorm will help you with different types of leads through Tik tok. The post will then go on to discuss the advantages of such an advertisement campaign as well as current trends in digital marketing if that is desired.

Digital TrailBlazer Lead Generation Campaign

In our most recent video Richard Woods (Managing Director of Yomp Marketing) talks about the Digital TrailBlazer Lead Generation Campaign and goes through the stages involved when it comes to making sure your lead generation is predictable, why not have a watch of the video below.

The video created is a perfect example of what we can do for our clients in terms of high quality, attractive and engaging video clips. Weekly videos are a big part of our Lead Generation Campaign service and our filming crew create exceptional quality videos and are very talented at what they do.

So why is it so important to have predictable lead generation? Well with predictable leads comes predictable sales and in turn a predictable yearly turnover for your business, which then gives you the spare time to focus on growing your business and profits. Without predictable lead generation you will find work coming into your business sporadically and this will make it hard to recruit, invest, and grow.

In the video our aim is to show people what we do in a fun yet professional way. You get to meet some members of our fantastic team as we dive deeper into the processes of our Digital TrailBlazer Lead Generation Campaign.

During the introduction of the video Richard talks about his time on The Apprentice with a clip of Lord Sugar saying, “The advertising task this year was one of the best I’ve ever seen” Those of you who watched The Apprentice last year will know that Richard was the project manager of the advertising task and made his way to becoming one of the finalists on the show.

So let’s rewind, how did this predictable Lead Generation Campaign start? Back in 2013 Richard decided to sit down and write a process document internally for the team at Yomp Marketing with a core underlining meaning of how to generate predictable leads for your business. After showing this document to other businesses, clients and Richards Business partner Tim Woods he was prompted to make it into a book, and so he did. This book ‘The Digital TrailBlazer’ was published and rose to number one on the best sellers list on Amazon.

Here at Yomp we integrated The Digital TrailBlazer 11 step process into our business and have created our award winning Lead Generation Campaign.

So how does the Lead Generation Campaign work?  Keep on reading to see a breakdown of our 11 step process and some tips and advice on how you can start improving your businesses leads, creating better conversions and gaining unlimited opportunities for growth.

Step 1 – Your Campaign Strategy and ROI Tracking

Every campaign kicks off with a full blown marketing strategy that sets you up for growth.  During this stage you will meet your campaign team and confirm the themes for your 3-month content calendar. You will also confirm your video episode themes and info swap strategy.

This is where we start to create our working relationship and you will see how helpful and switched on our campaign teams are.

Lastly in this stage we will book your video shoot dates as well as prep for your video shoot, and we will also require access to your CRM and social accounts.

Step 2 – Home Page Conversion Optimisation

The homepage is the first place 80% of clients will visit and so it has to be the most effective at converting traffic to prospects. To make this happen in stage two we make sure we optimize your home page by following the below steps….

Review the content of your homepage

Add a home page video

Add more calls to action

Promote the services better and more clearly

Step 3 – Lead Magnet/ Info Swap

As a supplier of a service you are an expert in what you do and it therefore needs to be shared as thought leadership. The most important thing to remember with an Info Swap is to offer something of value to your customers, if you do this then they will offer their valuable information back like there name and email address.

Some examples would be a how-to-guide, service demo, info pack or an online tutorial. We will work with you to come up with the best info swap strategy for your business and then add it to your website.

Step 4 – The Notorious Pop-Up

Pop-ups are growing in trend and we know why! Across the board for our clients it has created a 20% uplift in lead generation. As annoying as some people may feel they are, they do work, and are an important part in our 11 step process.

We will work with you to confirm a pop-up design and info swap for the pop-up, and then install it on the relevant pages on your website. We install cookies to make sure it doesn’t pop-up again after someone says no thanks and we will create the email auto responder to follow up conversions.

Step 5 & 6 – Video Marketing & Video SEO, Engagement and Advertising

Few underestimate the power of online video and in fact video is changing the face of the internet and shifting our focus away from the television and onto our phones.

As seen in our latest video on YouTube our filming crew our one of a kind and are very talented at what they do making sure to use professional video and sound equipment for a quality finish.

During this stage we will have a half day video shoot where we go through each of the 10-12 titles you have chosen in our kick off meeting. Then we will edit them and upload them both weekly to YouTube and Facebook.

Following on from the making of the videos we need to make sure we get as much attention and interaction as we can with them.To do this we create bespoke titles for each video with their own blog and YouTube description containing your chosen keywords. We also focus on social sharing and paid advertising work to promote the videos.

Step 7 – Blog Consistently

Creating an engaging, consistent, opinionated blog upon your website is vital for showing your thought leadership and credibility. This is why we create weekly blog posts that are related to your videos and chosen titles making sure its keyword optimised and has appropriate links embedded throughout.

Step 8 – Email Marketing

Email marketing allows targeting, is data driven, drives direct sales, enables A/B testing, builds relationships, loyalty and trust and supports sales through other channels.

So what we do is take control of your email marketing software and set up a weekly email campaign where we can track opens and clicks and give you reports to show you how your campaigns are generating conversions.

Step 9 – Social Media

What does this stage include?

Prepare a social media strategy

Daily social media management

Copywriting all content to be posted

Daily posting on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Google+

Support the activity on YouTube through sharing links to the videos

Uploading your video’s natively on Facebook and Twitter.

Social media monitoring

Finding and sharing industry specific content with your social network

Sharing your blog content

Step 10 – Search Engine Optimisation

During this stage we will optimise your website for the keywords we know will drive targeted traffic and work with you in using our on-page website conversion tactics to help you generate qualified enquiries.

SEO is based on being more vocal, smart, cunning and experienced than your competitors and by raising your position on Google will give you the best chance in gaining more enquiries and conversions by becoming more visible to the public.

Step 11- Paid Advertising

Now that we are rocking and rolling and your brand is spread across the main social platforms, we want to drive the volume of engaged audience members towards it.

So we create you a paid per click advertising campaign that we tailor towards your business, industry sector and competitors and create a strategy that’s going to deliver the results you need.

I hope you have found this blog useful and it has allowed you to gain a better understanding of exactly what we do for our clients on our Lead Generation Campaign.

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