5 Myths Vs Facts about Leather Belts

Leather belts have been around longer than your great-great-great-grandfather has ever lived. Belts are not just another décor or an accessory, but it’s actually handy and does slightly more than just holding your pants. They’re wrapped around dresses for glamorous looks; for the other, it keeps your pants aloft – of course. So, belts are essential, and we need them for daily use.

Belts serve both men and women quite significantly in the fashion world. Not to mention this epoch has ever-growing evolution settled on chic leather belts. That, by the way, makes leather belts a most common and enduring entity in the fashion world. Likewise, the infancy of belts goes all the way back to the Bronze Age, when they made their first appearance on waists as a simple rope. But as the wheel of time kept spinning forward, they took shape in leather and different materials. And simply, that happened because humankind knew its settling features for effortlessness.

However, we may have some silly myths and unaffected facts about leather belts that you may find interesting. Let’s roll!

Myths Vs. Facts about Leather Belts

In the society of slight rumble-jumble, spreads various myths about diverse stuff on each passing day. Some are true, while others are bogus. In light of that, we’ve pulled together some interesting facts and myths about leather belts.


Leather Durability Is Determined by Its Cost

Your price decides the belt’s quality; we have this myth that increased amounts determine durability in leather belts case. I must add it’s not true even a bit. For starters, you can find multiple types of leather belts in the market, where each quality of belt has its value. On top of that, only durable leather and high-quality materials determine the costs. On the other hand, it may sell high through various agents at different sites. However, that doesn’t guarantee their more extended durability of them. In other words, it may be the same belts sold at different prices at various places.

Only Black or Brown Leather Belts Are Good

It’s another misconception up in the air about belts – they are good when black or brown; any other color may be faulty. Black and brown leather belts are indeed the most demanded and long-running; however, diverse colored belts can be as good as black and brown. But for that, you must check the belt’s quality painstakingly and then make a bargain. Although black and brown are classic colors for leather belts, choosing a different colored leather belt can be refreshing and stunning for a chic look. However, you can check out these state-of-the-art Alligator leather Rhinestone Belts for casual and party outfits.

Leather Belts Wear Out Easily

Another fallacy about leather belts is that they crumble down quickly, although leather belts are known for their everlasting durability and strength across the planet. However, many use plastic, rubber, cotton, or balata belts because they somehow find leather belts affluent to ruin. We know that’s not true, whereas leather belts are the strongest belts for many reasons – durable, sustainable, and solid. Come to think of it, those who find leather belts easy to tumbledown must have used a clone of genuine leather belts. Otherwise, authentic leather belts won’t wear out that easily.

Cleaning Leather Belt Is Very Challenging

Many people find cleaning leather belts very hard – another misconception. In all honesty, when we don’t understand the framework or anatomy of any material, we lean towards disparaging, defaming, and criticizing that gadget to everyone. At the same time, the real reason is our inexperience and obliviousness to that entity. As far as the cleaning technique of a leather belt is concerned, scrubbing it with a wet cloth would do the magic (acquires you the shiny and new leather belt instantly), although there’re many different methods to cleaning leather belts. However, it would be best if you don’t wash off your belt using detergent, as that would rinse off the color of the leather.

Water Damages Leather Belts

The delusion about leather belts being vulnerable to water is nothing but imaginary. However, if it’s a polymer-made leather belt, it may be susceptible to moisture or water. Otherwise, original leather belts are pretty forceful and defensive against any entity. More than that, leather belts enclose the propensity to absorb water. Likewise, don’t sweat it when your leather belt gets wet. For that, simply use a dry cloth to rinse it off. If you don’t have any dry clothes nearby, then let it be – as it won’t affect your leather belt.


Leather Belts Have a Longer Life Span Than You Might Expect

First, let me ask you one thing! How long do you plan to use your belt? Maybe one year or two. Or perhaps until its fad in the fashion industry is in place. However, leather belts last much longer than you might think. Their life expectancy goes all the way up to over ten years – Maybe more than 100 if you use the product diligently. Pure leather belts may be aesthetically durable, not more than 5-10 years, although they are functionally durable over 100 years. And it’s a reality for authentic leather belts.

Pure vs. Counterfeit Leather Belt

Many times, we may not be able to tell the difference between a fake and an authentic leather belt when they’re new. However, each of them will shape up with the passing time, illustrating their actual color. To put it simply, pure leather, even after a longer period, they’ll be the same. But the fake leather would wear out and won’t run longer. So, you need to use your cunning senses and buy only pure/natural leather belts.

Furthermore, genuine leathers are made from animal hide. And Fake leather belts are made from polymers. Therefore, you must know the caress and difference between pure and polymer leather to not be tricked while buying.

Other Facts About Leather Belts

  • In old times, leather belts were used for decoration.
  • Genuine leather belts can be durable for over 100 years if used meticulously.
  • Leather colors won’t fade away easily.
  • Pure leathers are resistant to water.
  • Leather belts are used for chic looks and pants’ grip.

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