Benefits of Corner Crimping Machines

The corner crimping machines are equipment used for the manufacturing of superior quality aluminum doors. They are used to crimp the 90° joint seam across a vertically hinged door. These types of machines are uniquely designed using a hydraulic system to offer a stable crimping action. Now let’s check out the benefits of corner crimping machines:

Very efficient:

The installation of a corner crimping machine guarantees excellent safety of goods as well as the operator. It also facilitates easy and fast production which is almost twice that of other manual wire crimping processes. This aspect implies that a corner crimping machine saves a lot of manpower as well as material resources.

Excellent precision:

The use of copy router machines for aluminium profiles conveys excellent precision within the terminal pressure management. Through the usage of stepper motor drive, it is assured that there will be a steady performance within the wiring harness and organization of the wiring conduction functionality.

Enhanced efficiency:

The corner crimping machines and wire strippers come with extremely high efficiency and provide a lasing performance. Some of the reliable ones can continue operating for 24 hours. Especially, the high efficiency would be useful for organizations.

The efficient designs of these machines indicate that those wires with lengths lesser than 300 mm can be unwrapped at both ends or they could be cut off. Also, they can be pressed at one end in a second and thus they offer high production efficiency.

Makes the operation automatic:

With the use of automatic wire stripping, the corner crimping machines make sure the production takes place automatically. This ultimately guarantees that the wiring harness takes place up to the required standard. It also ascertains that the standards like processing, accurate stripping, processing, fixed-length interception, and steady terminal pressure are appropriately met. So, when these standards are met, it is assumed that the wire harness terminal is properly crimped in a consistent and standard system which facilitates excellent stability of the product.

Space-saving design:

The copy router machines for aluminium profiles are well-known for occupying less space. Consequently, they need less land occupation that assists in decreasing the amount spent on obtaining land or space.

Decreases manual labor:

The use of fully automatic wire stripping and crimping equipment decreases the usage of manual labor. It creates a hazard-free environment that makes sure all operations take place securely. With one operator dedicated to one machine, it significantly saves time. Also, it lets the operators stay free from indulging in manual labor to complete the tasks.

Modularized design:

This design suggests that corner crimping machines can be easily installed depending on the needs. So, you can install devices like twisting machines, tin impregnating devices, etc. With this design, the overall functionality of the equipment can be extended.

These machines are quite simple to operate and have the capabilities to rapidly alter the mold. This characteristic decreases the technicality level needed from operators. Also, it decreases the expenses of personnel management within an organization.

Humanized designs for software:

Most computers used for these machines are configured such that they are specified with different elements. These elements can be the depth of cut, the alignment of terminal pressing, length of peeling at the two ends of the wire, lengthening peeling, half peeling copper cutting, etc. All such specifications significantly decrease the training time required by employees in an organization.

Meets international standards:

The corner crimping machines can connect the past with the future. It implies that if you use a universal wiring crimping machine then it can meet international standards.

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