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 Women’s Day is a great idea- downtime swimming, to start hardening. also, what a cause! Although there’s still snow outside the window, the budgets aren’t covered with ice crust- it doesn’t count. True walruses swim time- round. Why should you suddenly get angry? Read some of the” For” reasons from the” walrus” girl who’s hysterical of the cold wave, croakers

 from Chelyabinsk and specialists in the beauty assiduity with Lifeguard Certification.

 ” You could say that I was angry in immaturity my parents poured ice water on me in the restroom. occasionally the rainfall was cold and I was not hysterical to open the windows. Because ofdrafts.However, I recover in a couple of days, If that happens. Well, about five times agone

 , the whole family started swimming in Lake Turgoyak all time. We dive into the snow, indeed in downtime snow and cold wave.”

” Fathers had been hardening for numerous times. At first they drowned in the road with ice water. Naturally, their mama , family and me approached, but also they realized that this wasn’t enough. By illustration bone

 can come infected and turn down all fears and dubieties. ”


” Hardening boosts impunity in grown-ups and children. And when you aren’t virtually ill, it’s veritably cool when you do not use medicines and croaker

 services. Life is free, happy and cool.”


 still, I will pour cold water,” If I suddenly start to get sick. I do not flash back any other treatment in my life. In addition, swimming in ice water gives you further energy and inconceivable energy.”


” It’s no secret that downtime swimming has a invigorating effect on the face and body skin. And those who engage in hardening can fantasize it. Winter swimming is a” immature catholicon” and is always a healthy color. A kind of beauty hardening. ”

 When dealing with frozen water and facial skin, you need to know a many rules

 1. The contact between the face and the fog should be minimum so as not to cool the jitters and facial jitters.

 2. You should only use fresh ice cells, else they won’t be useful;

3. After the procedure, don’t wipe your face, but leave it to absorb the humidity.

  4. But the main thing in all procedures is chronicity, and if you do similar rubdowns every day, you’ll notice how your skin is enjoying you with youth and beauty.”

” Winter swimming slows down the aging process, which means it supports manly strength and abidance. Stronger men are always more-active and vigorous. And for suckers of extreme sports, this is another way to diversify their exercises- to add an violent, ice bath like an extraordinary cardio drill.”

 Swimming has physical, cerebral, and social benefits

 Swimming pools are virtually all the muscles in the body if you change the type of strokes. Swimming can be your development

Normal force

 Cardiovascular Fitness


It doesn’t help with bone viscosity — it requires you to have weight- bearing exercise — but it’s missing what swimming can do for your fitness.

 The reasons for swimming are different

 Do you swim for health benefits or for a chance to fraternize with musketeers in a swimming pool?

You can swim because you run every day. perhaps you like the feeling of floating and sliding through the water. Or commodity differently?

  Swimming regularly provides indispensable pressure for runner training, which increases the heart rate without impact pressure. A running injury or another form of land exercise won’t weigh you down on your knee or ankle in hunt of exercise. Swimming can help you. remonstrating exercises, water calisthenics, pool handling, or regular swimming exercises will give you a great drill session without the weight of your body hitting your joints.

That makes it an excellent camp training exercise to add to your regular exercises. Prior to a dry drill, use the pool for a warm-up session. You can swim with an adding trouble to gradationally increase your heart rate and stimulate your muscle exertion.

  After a land drill, a many stages help to cool down, recover the blood through your muscles, and help you relax as the water flows.

The swimming pool has cerebral benefits

 Spending time in a group drill can be a water calisthenics or a master syncope practice.

  Swimming stories, challenging one another, and participating hard work make swimming a satisfying experience for others.

 There are other cerebral benefits to swimming. Relax and swim with minimum trouble. Let your mind wander, fastening on the meter of your beat. This type of contemplation can help you get a feeling of well- being. Other benefits include developing similar life chops

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