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Cerner Vs Amazing Charts: Which is worth the dime?

Cerner’s Ambulatory solution facilitates voice dictation and mobile access to patient records for doctors and practice workers. Cerner EHR allows for individualized workflows across 55+ medical subspecialties. Cerner’s “Chart Search” feature expedites the discovery process. Cerner Ambulatory EHR’s user-friendly interface ensures that medical professionals have safe access to patients’ medical histories. Efficient and accurate diagnosis can be made with the help of ambulatory care’s ePrescribe, nCode, electronic lab requisition, and results analysis.

Cerner prioritized ease of use for both administrative personnel and patients while creating their scheduling system. With Amazing Charts, users have access to a comprehensive system for managing charting, scheduling, e-prescribing, coding, and interoffice communication, among other functions. Amazing Charts provides a practice management (PM) solution that connects with its electronic health record (EHR) for clinical documentation and financial management processes. The integrated billing and revenue cycle management (RCM) module enables practices to handle the entirety of a patient visit using a single system.

Cerner EMR

Cerner is an electronic health record (EHR) software that is hosted in the cloud and is utilized by healthcare organizations of varying sizes and focuses in order to improve the quality of care that they deliver. Charting, documentation, revenue management, and health analytics are some of the services it provides. Because of these qualities, reliable patient information as well as diagnosis and therapy can always be provided. With job automation and straightforward documentation, it enables medical practitioners to spend more time concentrating on their patients while catering to more than 40 different specializations. It is possible for doctors to treat more patients in a single day, which results in an increase in the practice’s total revenue without compromising the standard of treatment provided.

Cerner EMR Key Features


Cerner believes there are two active participants in the healthcare industry: the patient and the physician. So, Cerner collaborates with actual physicians while developing software in order to acquire insight into what makes the product user-friendly in a clinical setting. The objective is to create software that both doctors and patients would like. Cerner acknowledges the existence of medical burnout and gives ways to combat the worldwide physician burnout epidemic.

Easy Integration

Interoperability is a crucial factor that separates EHR solutions when connecting healthcare environments to enable efficient and smooth patient care. Doctors have access to the latest health data updates via Cerner. With the knowledge gained from your EHR, you may spend less time analyzing the most recent medical data and more time providing patients with the highest quality treatment. This will allow you to make more informed decisions on each individual case.

Patient Involvement

According to assessments of Cerner EMR, the software includes options that promote patient participation. The Cerner software thinks that patients have the right to be more involved in their care, and so offers a patient portal to facilitate this. Patients can utilize the cloud-based portal to securely exchange messages with their physicians, schedule appointments, review their health data, request refills, and submit vital files or data to their clinicians.

Cerner EMR Pricing

Cerner software has not posted its pricing models on the website. This usually indicates a custom pricing option. Users can contact the vendor for more details.

Cerner EMR Demo

A free demo is always helpful for users who wish to learn about the software before actually investing in it.

Cerner EMR Reviews

In lieu of the reviews published online, the software has been ranked as user-friendly and very simple to use. Moreover, the patient portal has been praised.

Amazing Charts EMR

Amazing Charts EMR solution that was developed by physicians and is used by independent medical practices to make clinical and medical specialists, such as psychiatrists, pediatricians, internists, and family physicians, more efficient in their daily operations of the practice. In this method, medical professionals, such as doctors and physicians, are able to immediately document their interactions with patients, which helps to avoid the need for re-documentation. Because it enables users to do quick data input of the information about their patient, Amazing Charts is referred to as an easy-to-use and cost-effective electronic health record (EHR) system. This is due to the fact that it includes rules for clinical decision support, diagnoses, prescriptions and signatures, timetables, and charts.

Amazing Charts Key Features


The software is supplied with hundreds of helpful clinical templates, all of which are designed to cut down on unnecessary redundancy and simplify clinical procedures.


The reporting suite that comes with the product is comprehensive and provides vital queries, dashboards, and other features. They also provide a custom builder that lets you construct your own queries from scratch.


If a patient is happy with their care, they will likely come back for more procedures or appointments more frequently. You will always be able to satisfy the requirements of your clients and have the clearest possible image of their health and operations for the sake of billing if you make use of advanced EHR software.

Amazing Charts EMR Pricing

There are two different pricing options available for the software: one is for the EHR, and the other is for practice management. The starting price for the PM version is $299 per clinician each month, whereas the starting price for the EHR version is $199 per clinician each month. The physician is free to select the option that best meets their needs.

Amazing Charts EMR Demo

Users who wish to get acquainted with the software and its features can schedule a free demo that is available on the website.

Amazing Charts EMR Reviews

Amazing Charts is designed to be very intuitive to use. The transition from paper records to electronic records appears to be very smooth for those people who are still using paper records. In addition, its price point has garnered a lot of praise.


This article will guide users who wish to invest in either of the two softwares.

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