Google Pixelbook 2:

Google Pixelbook 2 in the tough-as-nails laptop market, Chromebooks are more popular than ever. Chrome OS seems to be getting more and more popular, so a Google Pixelbook 2 might not come out until 2023.

When the first Google Pixelbook came out in 2017, it was praised by critics and hated by customers. Even though the new Google laptop was a great piece of technology, many people didn’t buy it because it cost $1,000 and ran on the untested Chrome OS.

Will a Pixelbook 2 Come Out?

This is probably the most basic question you could ask: will there even be a Pixelbook 2? We actually thought Google would come out with a new Pixelbook in 2019, and it sort of did with the Pixelbook Go. Of course, this wasn’t a real follow-up to the Pixelbook from 2017.

Google has also made the Pixel Slate, which is a Chrome OS tablet/hybrid like the Microsoft Surface. That was obviously not a real follow-up to the Pixelbook either. But people didn’t like the Pixel Slate, and Google has since stopped making tablets altogether.

With the Pixel Slate line being discontinued and the Google Pixelbook 2 name being kept with the Pixelbook Go in 2019, it seems inevitable that Google will make a Pixelbook 2. The big question was if it would happen in 2021 or not. At the moment, that doesn’t look likely. At this point, 2023 seems like a more likely date. Even more so since the Pixelbook 2 didn’t come out at the Pixel Fall Launch event that Google held in October 2021, and a Google manager has confirmed that the Pixelbook 2 won’t come out in 2022.

Google Pixelbook 2 Release Date

We had originally hoped to see the Google Pixelbook 2 on September 30, 2020, at Google’s fall hardware event. Google released the Pixel 5, Pixel 4a 5G, Nest Audio smart speaker, and new Chromecast with Google TV, but it didn’t release a Pixelbook. After that, we were hoping that the PixelBook 2 would be released at the Pixel Fall Launch event in October 2021, where the Pixel 6 lineup was shown off.

The first Pixelbook was released by Google at this event in October 2017. Then, at the 2018 event, it released the Pixel Slate, and at the 2019 event, it released the Pixelbook Go. So, it made sense to think that the new Pixelbook would be shown at the same event in 2020 or 2021.

As with everything else, there is a good chance that the COVID-19 pandemic changed these plans for 2020. But since Google also skipped the 2021 release date for the sequel, we don’t know what could have been causing these delays. A Google manager recently confirmed that the company has no plans to make a Pixelbook 2 in 2021 or 2022. The manager did not say that the company would start up in 2023.

Google Pixelbook 2: Did Google Stop Making it?

A manager at Google has said that there won’t be a Pixelbook 2 in 2022. The manager didn’t say anything about what would happen after 2023. You can still buy the original Google Pixelbook 12in and Pixelbook Go.

Features, Specifications, and Layout:

One of the things that made the first Pixelbook stand out was its 3:2 touchscreen display. Most laptops have 16:9 screens, so this is the first thing that makes the Pixelbook stand out. Will the Pixelbook 2 have the same ratio of width to height?

Pixelbook Go is the most recent laptop from the Pixel brand, has a 16:9 screen. Also, people’s lacklustre reaction to the Pixel Slate could be a sign that 3:2 isn’t what people want. Also, no other major laptop line has used the 3:2 design, so Google may drop the 3:2 feature just to stay competitive.

The Cost of a Google Pixelbook 2:

As we said at the start of this article, the original Pixelbook got a lot of bad press because it cost $1,000. (as did the high pricing of the Pixel Slate). Considering this, you might think that Google would try to lower the starting price of the Pixelbook 2

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