How to Help Students with Exam Preparation

In the education system, we learn and grow, and exams play an important role. For quality teaching, making necessary changes in the teaching styles, and providing students with effective academic understanding, conducting exams is beneficial for teachers. Other than this for proper academic, personal and professional development, exams hold significance for students too. Exam time is quite stressful and hectic for students. Many of them face challenges in how to start the exam preparation and score well. During exam times, teachers’ guidance and help are very important. Let us discuss a complete set of tips that teachers can follow to aid the exam preparation of students.

How teachers can help students with exam preparation

1. Use multimedia tools to teach

To make your students do well in exams, providing them with a proper academic understanding is very important. Many students are not able to understand the theoretical and applicative subjects from the textbooks. In such cases, teachers must use technology in class. By using online teaching apps and sites, teachers can access several audiovisual tools like educational videos, modules, demonstrations, picture cards,  PowerPoint presentations, infographics, and animations. With the help of visualization, students tend to understand the concepts better and more quickly. Learning becomes more interesting and engaging for all.

2. Remedial classes

In a classroom full of students, all are different from one another. The understanding and performance levels also vary. Some students catch the topics quickly while some take time. Along with active performers, there are also some slow learners in the class. It’s a primary duty of every teacher to focus more on these students.

 Therefore conducting remedial classes is very important. In these sessions, you can re-teach or summarize the lessons to students. You will be able to give more time to these students in the doubt sessions. Opt for different teaching styles to provide a proper understanding of the exam syllabus. Conduct tests, see what is the progress and what more can be done for improvement.

3. Sample papers and practice tests

For helping students in exam preparation, conducting sample paper practice in the class is beneficial. Teachers can provide students with sample papers or previous year’s question papers and make students solve them in class. Check their answers and help students with the tough questions. By solving sample papers, students will get an idea of which questions are important, how the paper is designed, which way to answer, and also their writing speed and time management skills are enhanced. Other than this, make sure to conduct practice tests for students. See what is the current learning status of the students, who all are lagging, and what needs to be done for improvement.

4. Share feedback

After conducting class tests, teachers need to share the result and feedback with students. Tell students their strengths and also the weaker sections. Suggest to them the tips for learning improvement and betterment.  Also by using an attendance management software, teachers can keep digital records and track students’ attendance. Ask students to be regular to the classes, meet the attendance criteria, and receive a proper academic understanding.

5. Share other exam-giving tips

For exams, students must know the right attempting tips and techniques. Teachers must share with students how to continue the exam preparation, and wind the syllabus on time. Ask students to stay consistent with their studies, and read and revise lessons every day. Other than this, tell students to self-test themselves and see how much they are understanding what are the weaker sections.

Share tips like time management, reading the questions properly, writing answers neatly, and revising while attempting the paper. Using a fee management system, keep digital records of students’ exam fee deposits and clearance. This will make sure that students get the exam to admit cards and that there is no last-minute trouble.

6. Be an active listener

Exams bring along a lot of stress and pressure for students. The vast syllabus to cover, facing difficulties in solving the questions, pressure, and competition make students more stressed. In these times, teachers should listen to the students’ problems and concerns. One by one interact with all students and ask how the exam preparation is going and what difficulties are they facing. Be a helping hand to students and support them throughout the academic session. Ask students to stay positive and keep trying their best. The motivational boost and guidance received from the teachers will be very helpful for students.


Every student aims to perform well in the exams. Teachers’ help and guidance play an important role in this regard. By following the above-mentioned tips, teachers can aid the exam preparation of the students. This will help students to have a good command of the exam syllabus and score well.

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